Week Plan May 10-16, 2020

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What Mike is Up To May 10 to 16, 2020

Searching for apartments in Shenyang, China (check the latest video blog). Seems we found one and will be moving out of the in-laws to an apartment next door (in the same “garden) this Friday May 15.

The “grind” and flow of Loadpipe weekly group buys. It is good to have structure, over the weekend make the next group buy, announce on Monday, webinar on Wednesday/Thursday, offer ends on Friday. Just about optimizing. Hired Megan to help us on the community side, and feel the flow and team and community is learning it all well.

Here’s the full week plan I wrote for the Shadstone company team:

Week Plan May 10 – 16, 2020 Shadstone Limited

I just heard about an earthquake in the Philippines last night, I hope everyone is safe and stable. Seems quite a few have been coming – it was in Pampanga from what I saw on twitter?

Welcome to the team Megan – she is our new and first community manager of Loadpipe! Based in Cebu, she has previous ecommerce experience and really wants to go full into ecommerce and submerge herself – so I think this position is perfect for her. Please help me in welcoming her here.

As all of you when you started – she is overloaded with SOPs and tools, but is getting through them well and is so far flying high in her probation period.

The week plan is similar to previous ones – we are on weekly group buy 7 now – and it is a weekly flow.

One cool thing – while helping our client out – I learned that it is possible to convert a personal youtube to a brand youtube (thought we had to start a new channel only). So after learning how to do it for him – we also converted a TON of our personal youtube accounts to brand accounts.

Why is that a big deal?

Because it makes it easier to SHARE to the team! Sharing a google login is such a hassle as they make SMS messaging, etc to login and it logs out quite a bit – now that you can use your own Shadstone google account there is no need to share logins. So we hope this can help streamline the video creation and uploading producers time by having Alvin upload as a draft to Youtube. Also hope others in the creation team can help optimize our older videos by making / updating thumbnails, keywords, etc – as especially for the Mike’s Blog one – I am so rushed I simply upload without optimizing thumbnail, text, keywords, etc.

May even find a part time person who is experienced in Youtube to go through all our old videos and help update and optimize. Or can someone on the current team help? Anyway, I am excited about this update as I have always felt we make amazing content – especially videos -but are not optimizing them. LJ – let’s coordinate a plan to make the most from all our hard work on this video content.

And this also goes even to Loadpipe youtube – Alvin – can you also start to upload those videos we made for Loadpipe onto the Loadpipe channel – I believe more and more video content for Loadpipe will help it in reaching more group buyers in the community.

So to recap – this week:
* More Loadpipe group buy flow
* Megan getting onboard more to help with the ecommerce community of Loadpipe
* Youtube video optimizing flow
* More content investments projects – more video/podcast/transcriptions coming through.

Let’s make the most of it – and we are ahead of the curve as we are a fully online team with all are tools and systems in place. The whole world has to work online fully remote – but we have been doing it for years. Let’s do this!

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