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What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 16 – 22, 2022

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What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – Jan 16 – 22, 2022

Watching a movie over the weekend (in China, I never know the titles of these movies) and while it was some “generic” action movie – one part I got from it – I need to focus on being a TEAM BUILDER. Last week someone highlighted that to me – discussing all the projects and things we are doing and she said “Mike – you sound like a team builder”.

It made me think – true – maybe that is what I am. It is pretty powerful and unique – and a skill I need to focus even more on.

As the pile of projects grow – focusing on being a team builder is really strategic. One thing I am starting to do is do multiple projects at once by developing relationships cross project. Maybe I am an investor? Will keep trying to define myself – while doing my best to build amazing things with amazing people.

This week’s lineup:
* HR / hiring / team building / org chart structuring. Overwhelming but it is time to keep investing and get to a new level. Will be the biggest Shadstone has ever been and we decided last year we want to grow – so time to do that.
* SOP handbooks for our partner projects – realize as our JV businesses grow – they need SOPs too. So we are making them – and adding our Shadstone team to those that they need to access.
* Blimp / Excalibur Brothers – we kicked off last week – this week is product decision and term sheets.
* Indigitus – get that announcement out!!
* Flamingo handshake auction – this week, lets develop our team on this more and add on the handshake.mastermind on top.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Jan 16-22, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Lets keep growing together! With the typhoon delaying the end of year calls and 1 on 1s – we are finishing those up now. It has been a pleasure to have calls with so many of you (some maybe are too shy? Lol – lets do this!)

I really enjoy to see people grow and develop. And we need to do this more. Let us all continue to learn and grow. Let the company know how we can do more of that – and let us all grow together.

Some examples – after talking to many of you – we are working harder to get you training courses (actually many I made are in we can of course get our team access to those), new tasks (some want more work – and we have plenty of work!), and support (some need help with their moves, some need help with Hr matters) – we are here for you!

We are building a lifelong business here – we want to have our team comfortable and stable so that each of us can grow.

We are working harder than ever to build up structures and tools for our partners / “blogJV” businesses – with their own SOP handbooks and our ever expanding range of tools and emails and systems.

This is the DREAM – to build an empire – diversified across projects in different sectors – using our strength in content creation and community in order to weather any “storm” (sorry for the pun) – whether it is typhoon, virus, travel restrictions, financial crashes – we want to break any of those setbacks down by having a diversified portfolio of businesses that generate income in up,down,or upside-down markets.

And with a diversified portfolio – we need a diversified team! This week more job posts are being posted online – and if you are looking for more work to do for us, or you have friends you want to recommend – now is the time.

We are making job posts for:
* Amazon product research and operations
* Client services / Sales associate
* Crypto community support
Actually so many more.

We need to have people in place to allow us all to grow. And we need to review the organization chart (again) to see how this all fits together.

Lets discuss some of the amazing things are are working on:

* Blimp / Excalibur Brothers – kicked off the first cohort and developing amazing systems and people and products. A ton of work, but a ton of great people building up here.
* NowShenzhen – the sales and BD team is developing – but we also need to push harder on making a weekly content schedule, flow for the posting of user generated content – and build this media empire back up to where it was before.
* Indigitus will finally release the video update this week, also a couple other amazing updates cooking.
* Flamingo handshake – I need to dig into it a bit more, it is TTHIS week – gotta push a bit more for names and marketing – also we are adding handshake.mastermind afterwards so we can balance the 2.
* Handshake.conference – really gotta start pushing on this more too.
* GFA kids is re-building / developing. With the lockdowns and school closures – maybe this is another “spark” to make this GFA Kids program a reality. (For me, I’m patient, and know one day it will click).

So many more amazing projects and things we are doing for our investments as well as clients. Hope everyone LOVES what they are doing.

Honestly – there is so much more to do – so much opportunity – but this is why we need to continue to invest in a rockstar TEAM. And TOOLS. This is our Shadstone platform to grow.

* More brands are coming
* More opportunities are coming.

Please stay motivated during these troubling pandemic times. Keep being creative, keep being you. The dream is coming true for the company – and hope the dream you have can also come true together. We are only as good as the “least developed” person – so we need to keep developing people to be able to grow.

It is amazing to see how we are bonding and communicating with each other – to be honest when I pop in Slack and Portal – I almost feel like I am in the same “physical” office with many of you. And it has taken years of work to get here – so it is time for us to keep pushing as the fruits from the harvest is just starting.

We are in this for the long term – lets keep sowing the seeds and reaping the harvest.

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