Friction & Pressure Is What Creates Diamonds

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – June 12 – 18 2022

Listen as audio here [2 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

* Thailand move – Trying to not stress out – but need to figure out how to get to Thailand w/ the whole family on a stable and long term visa by August school start.
* Payroll / HR / finance – never seems to end, but do feel positive progress being made in these departments.
* Handshake reflection – a lot of shakeup and discussions, we are working on the SkyInclude registrar and thinking of our position on all this drama.
* GFA / Blimp / Excalibur Brothers – call this Wednesday night.
* Amazon FBA work – Luciano making an amazing workflow, not too involved but believe team will make SOP and systems for this.
* So much more – brain a little tired

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

June 12 – 18, 2022 Week Plan Shadstone Limited

What an exhausting week last week for the Handshake community. Bear markets cause melt downs and test people’s willpower and I’d say that is what happened with the key community manager at Namebase – the main app on Handshake. But for those worried – I think it is going to cause the opposite – many OG contributors are re-engaging and it will create more need for decentralization in the community.

As we have mentioned in previous week plans – May and now June have been painful months for almost any business in existence – crypto to ecommerce to anything.

But we cannot unravel. We cannot let go of ourselves – as satisfying as it may feel.

We need to use the challenging times to instead double down on our team and our skills. To cut the “fat” and drop unprofitable iniatives and painfully buy/invest in ones that we believe will come back 10x once the world and business environment improves. Sure, picking the right ones is the key.

But again – it is the team and the tools and the foundation.

Shadstone has been through so much pain to create the tools, systems, frameworks, and people here to achieve greatness.

Some more improvements:
* Payroll upgrade – more likely for July, we are testing a whole new system and workflow for payroll. As our team has grown to 20+, our payroll process is still the same when it was a few people. With a new payroll system, we can then upgrade how we pay incentives and benefits as well.
* Finally fully on our own helpdesk system – we made a huge migration to our own self-hosted help desk – so we can use this across all our investments.
* Email migrations – no more “google free for life” and has created us to re-structure all our email solutions
* Our own “dropbox” – sleep hungry is great and we can have as much storage and as many users.
* – trying to upgrade this even more – as we grow – our ability to attract our own talent will be more and more important than simply using the same job boards everyone else uses (in my opinion)
* So much more. We are building a network of tools so we can grow and scale without being trapped to SaaS and centralized companies.

Our investments and businesses:
* Akitai still getting unlocked after lawsuit case on Amazon. Luciano may get involved, hopefully!
* NowShenzhen – event round up (weekender) seems to be a hit
* FishingLab – finally got 1 sale tracked in our Amazon affiliate site, yes!
* SEO team – had a great call with the new and growing SEO team – really impressed.
* Payroll process / HR / Finance – again my personal weakness, but biting my tongue and investing in the payroll tool and hope we can upgrade our process to streamline + improve + optimizeee (ie ninja pay!) our compensation system.
* Excalibur Brothers – finally 1 franchisee paid (was scary as we pre-paid a lot), but another still isn’t paying and wonder/worry about that (shot glass set) and what our policy for this
* Clients – hope samples can be sent for video shoot, sorting out inbound proposal requests, involving David more.

So much more – these are top of mind (honestly mentally exhausted from last week’s HNS drama with whom I thought was my friend Johnny.

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