Working on Cross Pollination of Projects

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini Up to Now – June 6 – 12, 2021

Listen as audio here [2 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

Intense stuff happening! While many have been on Memorial day vacations, we are grinding harder than ever:

  • Kicked off the GFA Kids summer camp last week. The kids and the team really enjoys it.
  • Kicking off the Indigitus dWeb hardware router this coming week with AMA on Monday –
  • Diving deep into being an Amazon / ecommerce seller broker at Global From Asia and having the community and team help reach more people about this focus.
  • Want to go to Shenzhen soon, but more lockdowns there is making me hesitate booking a flight.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

So much is happening. Hope everyone is doing well as well as they can. I know some of you are recovering from Covid situations and some are getting their vaccines while others are struggling in long lines and getting left out.

I’m so sorry to hear about these struggles and stressful situations. Just try to keep in mind, the whole world is going through this and it is a monumental time in modern day human history that we will talk about for decades to come.

So some updates:

  • We kicked off the last week -I had a session on Tuesday morning and there was another on Thursday with Jan and Anne and the team. It all seems so exciting. For sure it is not making money, but we are making changes in society, and we will collect feedback and learn from it.
  • Planning to promote for July/August timeframe and the cool thing is we will connect those participants to the next Cross Border Matchmaker in September. They can have a booth as well as share what they launched during the bootcamp. So this way, it all connects – bootcamp, membership, and events.

    There will be a yearly Cross Border Summit that (hopefully) is in person with the CBM as the online event happening more regularly and with regular bootcamps as well. All this plus an ongoing membership GFAVIP that wraps it all together.

  • Diving deep into the Amazon / Ecommerce acquisitions service and planning next week to do a bigger promotion of it on Global From Asia . If the team here can review the video and text of this Tuesday’s special announcement, I’d like to update our content / marketing / strategy to really focus on finding ecommerce sellers who want to sell their business. This will help the company grow and also be something the community may be interested in doing as well.
  • And on the Handshake / dWeb site, we’re diving deep down the “Rabbit hole” and doing an AMA on Monday night (11pm HK time) to introduce publicly our new dWeb router – to the communities. Working on an ambassador program too and hope that our influencer team can reach out to find more ambassadors too.

Probably so much more to cover- we do need to start to plan out the bootcamp. I do worry we are doing too many things (although I love what we do). But I think we are making amazing things happen and there is synergy in what we are doing that cross-promote and cross-pollinate.

As always, please let us know any feedback or questions or concerns you have.

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