Walking The Global Sources Trade Show – Mike’s Blog 055

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Still in the midst of an action packed October. Trade show season – and my first stop to a trade show – the Global Sources Trade Show. But the main event for me was the Smart China Sourcing Summit, that Peter Zapf from Global Sources has been heading up now for 2 seasons (first one was in April). In our last video blog, you saw me arrive there towards the end of the first day – today’s video is in the 3 day of the summit, and the second day of Phase 2 of the trade show.

After we wrapped up the summit, Peter took me around a bit to see the trade show. So many amazing products to see – hard to fit it in my 5 minute-ish video blog – so I will take a few of the highlights. I am sure people will like the bikini girl at the VR factory booth, and the regular fitness girl on the treadmill at the…I don’t even remember what product they were selling… factory booth, ha!

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