Theme of this Blog – focus or not?

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Some people tell me I should write more focused, industrial topics on this blog. But then….it won’t be my personal blog anymore! I think the theme of this site is clear, its about my pursuit through life. Lately, its been about what i’m involved with now:

Internet / SEO / Social Media

The reason people suggest to blog about a specific topic or industry is for the SEO (search engine optimization) It helps websites have a particular niche and then can rank high in the search engines for that topic or theme.

my theme is not to be a theme! this is a personal travel blog, about my experiences, opinions, etc to share with those who care to read.

MOTIVATION is another theme of this blog, I really hope to motivate others to follow their passion and follow their dreams. Not to sit back and wait for the opportunity to come to them, but instead to stick their neck out and do it! And not be afraid to “fail”, because the biggest failure is the failure to act!

So, there you have it….hope you will enjoy the future posts. The other sites and blogs I have will be more themed and indexed, but I want this one to be more free and fun!

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  1. I remembered that i asked one of friend who lives depend on his famlily to read your blog. he just told me one thing”no pains, no gains” after he finished. This is a history of your struggling. Expecting more funny stories……

  2. Author

    @Echo Zhang – haha, thanks for that, yea, i guess its a comedy of all the experiences i put myself into.

    you’re friend, who depends on his family, what do you mean?

    yes, no pain, defintely no gains

  3. who depends on his family, it means he just had a job for a short time after he graduated from university till now,maybe 4 years. He wants to change and will look for a job after he back from ChengDu. Of course,his family is rich but they hope he can live by himself.

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