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In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – May 9 – 15, 2021

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Still wearing a jacket in May! Over 1 year in Shenyang, but things are moving to change that.

Happy Mother’s day – I love you Mom! I miss you so much

  • auction this Wednesday (USA time, Thursday morning HK time) with some truly top grade names. All this to grow awareness for HNS and also raise money for the community and marketing.
  • Cross Border Matchmaker is lining up well. There are new sponsors joining (I am shocked with the short notice!) and more and more speakers and attendees. This is because we have a great team
  • Further connecting the team and the community bridging Shadstone team with GFA community. It seems something I should have considered a long time ago.
  • Making deals – my main work should be, now that the teams and projects are set. This is the deal flow. We have some amazing people in the network and want to elevate everyone especially after all the hardship we have been thorough over the last 1 year+. Expect me to realign my energy to business development now that this solid foundation in the team and community has been re-established.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan May 9 – 15, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Grinding and Hustling – seems like more than ever before.

All these investments in projects and content are aligning but a bit too fast and a bit too close together!!

But we can do it and while this happens, let’s continue to empower our team – a team of leaders and a team of decision makers who can make the right call for the long term value and benefit of Shadstone.

We’re also bridging the GFA community with the Shadstone team in a new GFA discord channel. The idea being that we can better communicate these projects with other stakeholders and further remove the bottleneck (Me!).

It is just in testing stage now for a few days with a small group of GFAVIP members and Shadstone team members. But seems to be helping already in communication. For example, our GFA kids PM is connecting with those in China who are interested in the GFA Kids program, and the team shared the FB live on the GFA discord and Catherine saw it and joined.

The team is doing OUTSTANDING on the CBM event marketing. We have 2 new sponsors, one saw our IG post and asked me on Wechat. And, another saw, well is also our member. Thank you community and marketing and the content team for helping make this happen.

We also are working to better bridge the China / Wechat team with the international / Western content and media. I’m thinking the GFA discord can also be a way to “hit 2 birds with one stone”. When she shares a Social media post, she can post that link in a channel on GFA discord, and another can share in Wechat, while also other GFA members in the community can like / comment / retweet.

Just developing as we go – as always.

This coming week – we have auction Thursday, 7am to about 9am. Much more premium names so hope it raises more and takes less time.

We will keep pushing with the Cross border Matchmaker, hoping that the GFA discord helps with cross-team-community communication and collaboration.

On the Amazon brand, still a month or two away, packaging / bar codes being added on in the Thailand factory and hope to ship end of May. Our influencer marketer is doing great with the influencer outreach, I feel. And I see regular applications for the ambassador program.

There are just so many amazing things happening – new clients, new projects, long term investments finally starting to bear fruit.

So we are close to announcing a company monthly bonus pool. This seems like the best way to align the company and the team for winning! And hopefully be a fun and friendly way to motivate all of us.

Hope to announce more clear details this week, essentially set monthly goals for the team and projects, and if those are reached, bonuses are paid.

Honestly, there is probably so much more to update and I am overwhelmed . But at the same time I know I am blessed with our best Shadstone team ever. Let’s keep going – and know I want to share the success with the team.

Just know I appreciate you and each one of you here is here because I and the rest of the team believe in you.

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