Thailand Basic Foundation & Team Leadership Continues

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Sept 11 – 17, 2022

In photo: Driving in May’s car looking for places to live, approaching kid’s school.

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Typing this up from the airbnb/bed and breakfast (been here a week and a half) but in a few hours will be moving to our new house in Chiang Mai. What a brutal 2 weeks, but we wanted to wait and do it our way. We found a home school “co-op” (parent owned and operated group of learning sessions) that really fit what we were looking for. Once we found the education solution, we then found a place 5 minutes walking from the school (as we live for our kids now).

So the foundation is set. It is not “downtown” Chiang Mai – but Wendy reminded me – we didn’t move to Chiang Mai for the local networking – we moved here for the lifestyle and the schooling. I can take a 30 minute grab taxi ride downtown on the few times I go for meetups and networking.

With these massive milestones confirmed – this week should be “a bit smoother” (but – need to move a ton of stuff from various storage, still need to fix Wendy’s car, and all the other things with moving to a new place)

For work:
* Onboarding 2 new people – Faith for GFA community manager, and Jennifer for GFA kids.
* Shadstone Freelancer network – developing this out to allow new blood to prove themselves before “becoming a Shadstone ninja” (our internal team we want to call ninjas).
* Amazon FBA launching products – just so much processes and work to develop out even more for the ecommerce brands. Probably still need to hire more people and build more processes
* Tons of other things (check week plan)

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Sept 11 – 17, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Pushing the limits, per usual. And I love seeing it with many of our team members (NINJAS) at Shadstone too. We are preparing for Shadstone 5.0 (version 5) but not fully ready to debut – and it has been amazing to see our team of leaders (ninjas) stepping up. Thank you LJ, our management team, and our up and coming performers.

This goes to one of my personal values and something I put on mikesblog – to give hard working individuals global opportunities. It shouldnt matter where you are born to get opportunities – if you are hard working and consistent you should achieve greatness. Hope to develop more people here to become true leaders.

As I think about what to update on the week plan – I realize how much progress we have made developing departments and leaders. Thinking each department / project leader can share their week plan with us (and ME) in a way for all to see.

Here are some highlights:

* Esatto ocean container clearing US customs – first 40’ HQ ocean container for our Esatto products brand is going to LA now. After over 2 years, we will finally launch this brand.
* Excalibur Brothers 2 new products launching – flask and leather eyeglass case – finally!
(From these we are developing and honing our influencer outreach and marketing processes)
* Akitai “brand building” – packaging, gifting, warranty, insert cards. Many things needed to “be a true brand” off Amazon.
* BeckyAI launch video almost ready – also Don giving me some exciting stats on the growing market for smart baby cameras)
* Settling Flamingo Handshake auction – still a ton of that to finish up this week.
* Onboarding GFA community manager – Faith will be joining us this week – excited for this, much needed energy ito the Global From Asia community and Blimp method.
* NowShenzhen email optin growth – lottery / raffle idea to build out.
* Onboarding new GFAkids PM – Jennifer (should be) starting Monday to help take the project management role for GFA Kids online learning.

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