2 Week Plan, HR growth + Temple

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now -Oct 31 – Nov 14, 2021

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Yes, this is a 2-week update. I will be off the grid for a temple visit, to reflect.

  • HR, Payroll before going to the temple. The team is doing amazing, will just wrap some parts up early this week
  • Chinese factory meeting on Tuesday for a new joint venture brand opportunity.
  • A few new dealflow projects to discuss.
  • NowShenzhen site rebuild
  • Indigitus – restructure the partner team divisions for growth.
  • Go to temple.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Two Week Plan Oct 31 – Nov 14, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Yes, this is a double week plan! Next week we are skipping the week plan so this will serve for this week and next.

We had an amazing monthly team Shadstone call last week! Thank you to all that could make it and sorry that some of you were unable to be there. Again, not as nice as in person but we are an online team and I think it is getting more fun and comfortable each time. The goal is to keep us in touch better, learn some new things, and get motivated. Hopefully we can learn how to communicate more to each other across different roles and departments.

Our HR manager – I’m really happy we invested in her and the HR department. It is our first time to start an HR role and department properly and there is still a ton more to do for this department. It was well overdue.

For me, I need to take a week off. I have been saying that for years now and it is a point now where I cannot delay it any longer. While I wish I could help more before I do that, I believe we are far along with our amazing and development leadership team that I can do this. Our GM is an amazing leader here and I am confident things will be fine while I’m away. I’m going to a temple and will not be easily reachable except through Wendy.

Some project updates:

  • NowShenzhen “version 1.5” we are calling it with target launch of Nov 16. Outlined what v1.5 is, and while it is a quite a bit of work, our web manager and I feel it is achievable to hit that date. The idea is a launch party for it on Nov 20 and we are sending out mass emails now too. Our web team members are also doing amazing work on the site. Our graphic designer, as always, is making amazing things on the design and graphics.
  • Indigitus – massive software/hardware work being done. There is progress but it is much more top secret than it used to be. Some restructuring in the partner team is underway as well to make it work better.
  • SEO work – clients are happy, and we are working on new processes. I have this feeling we need to add more to this department as we grow. I do think we need to prepare to offer more services . Tuesday, we’ll be meeting a Chinese factory who wants to partner with us to build a brand / website for them.
  • Email management – been using a help desk system since 2013 and I think it is about time we invest in our own server/software package to really let us grow this client services department. We have an amazing client services team lead by our CS manager and my gut tells me the current helpdesk system is holding us back from really “shining” more. I feel once we have a software that can allow us to have more users, add in our clients and partners for them to use as their own mailbox too, will really help us manage our investment sites better.
  • Flamingo Handshake – with my vacation, I’m not sure if we can still do it. But, I do want to see if others in the HNS community can step it up. Also, our partner in this has been super busy on his client work so it has made it slower. Plus we are still finishing the settlement from the last auction at NamesCon!
  • Global From Asia studio and Kids – I think we need to push this out a couple more weeks. Wendy also convinced me, instead of a “general” open house / launch, we’ll have more focused workshop sessions here as it is more focused and attractive for people to attend. Wondering if we can still do an online version of the Nov 4 launch even with me away?
  • ExcaliburBrothers – working on the partnership and the branding for this new product. Trademark, seller account are in the works, and a new business model case study.
  • Esatto – still on hold due to high shipping costs. Feel this is a launch project for Q1/Q2 2022.

Probably, we have some other projects. We do so many amazing things. Please stay creative, stay inspired. The business side is boring, let’s keep creating! Let’s grow to an unstoppable creative creation empire. That is the dream.

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