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Hyper Networking at TechCrunch Shenzhen

Finally catching up with the blog and v-log- normally I post more real time – but we had intense networking last week. Starting with TechCrunch, two full days of a massive conference. For me, I focus on meeting up with friends and contacts I have been talking to online and now get some face time.

One of those people is Shlomo, my co-host at – we have met before, in Beijing and Hong Kong – and this is our third time. Its amazing because we have been working together on the podcast for years now and do it all online. So I got to spend quite a bit of time with him and much needed catch up on the direction of the show, as well as hosting a meetup for CBC.

Also catch up with Matt Brennan from and hosted a workshop with him too.

You’ll see in the video blog we did a bunch of podcasts! That is a big perk for podcasters who come to these events – chance to interview special guests. We got to interview the founder of Technode, Gang Lu. Also some cross-podcasting with Matt Brennan and John Artman (editor at Technode) on their new podcast China Tech Talk by having an interview on their show and one on our show.

All in all, Techcrunch did their first conference down here in the south China city Shenzhen and we were glad to have them. Excited to see more and more international events recognize Shenzhen as a spot to do these kinds of conferences.

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