You Only Need These 3 Things

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You Only Need These 3 Things

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Sometimes just letting things go wide you can discover some great things. At a bit of a writer’s block on what kind of v-log to do next, I bumped into Rob Barry at a Dcx Hong Kong event. Putting the camera on him with no preparation and no topic, he came up with an awesome response.

In life, you only need 3 things.

I’m going to re-write it in my own interpretation you can listen to the video for his own words. It goes like this:

1) Sustainability – need income / resources enough to live life without worrying about food or shelter. Not talking about huge materialistic things, but just enough to live a decent and comfortable life.

2) Relationships – not just superficial ones that are for show, but real quality friendships and business and life relationships. Marriage, good friends, quality business partners who have win-win attitudes. These are the people you enjoy spending time with and living life with.

3) Purpose – you are working towards a greater good. To make a difference, to leave your legacy. To enjoy what you are doing and also add value to the world and society as a whole. This is something I think a lot of people are afraid to truly pursue, and we need to work at this regularly to achieve.

A pretty amazing tidbit from Rob on a random Saturday night on top of the IFC Mall in Hong Kong. Thanks dude. Another awesome byproduct of carrying a big camera around my neck all the time.

Hopefully these 3 things make you think about your own life. Are you satisfied with each of these 3 boxes? Hopefully we all have the first point – which is not being rich – but instead having enough resources to eat and live a decent life with a roof over our head. If you’re reading this blog, then probably you have that. It is worth thinking of the many who do not have point 1, there is still a lot of people in basic poverty around the world. This should make us all appreciate what we have and the fortune we have been granted.

Point 2, sometimes we get so busy in our day to day life of work and business that we don’t appreciate those who really love and care about us. Or we are at networking events collecting as many business cards as possible to build our networks. I have been networking less, and I am trying instead to focus on my current network and helping more people that I already know. I’m also so lucky to have an amazing wife and kids. Anyone reading this blog knows one of my biggest struggles is missing my friends and family back home in America. I do need to take a trip home sometime soon – my parents still haven’t even met my daughter and she is 2 years old in Jan! I gotta “get on that” as friends would say.

Point 3 is probably the one most of us are lacking in. Are we just doing work for the sake of a paycheck, or does it mean more than that?

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