How Is Mike Studying Chinese? Mike’s Blog 031

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Often asked how I learn Chinese. Some people feel I have been studying forever and not making any progress. Well, my main study time is early in the morning at 7am, until at least 7:30am, or 8am, depending on when the rest of the family wakes up.

While that is my main focused study time, of course I live in China and have plenty of chances to speak chinese. Yet, on my trip around town today, I really didn’t have that many chances to speak Chinese. If you look closely enough – ordering things at stores, traveling, a lot of it doesn’t need a lot of human interaction. That is, except taxis! Even an Uber – where you put in your current location and where you’re going location – they still call and ask, and then you need to explain where you’re going again. Not sure why that is.

And we ask my wife Wendy why she isn’t teaching me Chinese. What do you think is the reason? And maybe there is another person who can help me out too?

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