Team Support for Year End

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Dec 12 – 18, 2021

Photo – meditating this morning and have a surprise guest, Maggie (download full image here)

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Typing this up in the back of a taxi, committed to keep the Sunday morning reflections and “now” updates going. Voice version of this update also take in the back of this Shenzhen didi taxi.

Just 2 weeks left in the year, let us make the most of it – here are the updates on this side:

* HR/finance/year end management – important stuff that … I am weak at … but have new team members to help and “force” me to do these important things.
* NowShenzhen launch party Dec 18, Saturday – will re-inspire the business and community in this city and will get things rolling now that the website is re-built.
* Flamingo handshake auction – see you there? Wednesday afternoon USA time, late at night in Europe, and morning Thursday in Asia – last one for this year- and working on some special giveaways.
* GFA’s new program, Blimp Method, introduced to the public, and podcast to kick off new Amazon brand launch
* Dealflow, client work, gotta get more into “networking” mode (balancing maker/manager sides of the brain)

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Dec 12 – 18, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Love working with our team, more than ever! Although I do have to admit, I cringe a bit when sent a financial report spreadsheet to review (sorry finance officer!) – I am still excited to work with those people on the team.

We truly are a team now, more than ever.

Last week was a lot of HR, finance, and admin for me. Trying harder than ever to PLAN and BE prepared. To have a proper budget in place, and ensure our amazing team is protected and ensured to be stable. (I have a habit of loving to build stuff, and just hiring and building and hiring and building – so hope to get better controls in place with our amazing newly developed HR and finance team).

Also discussing more structure on benefits and other HR things. You should have received a health kit (for those in Philippines, for those outside of Philippines HR will have other options for you). It felt amazing to see those photos of our team receiving them – please take health serious – and even the basics such as sleep and proper diet are more important than ever.

Prepare for you call with management. Year end is coming, and we are working hard at being well prepared to wrap up this year and rock 2022. Many of you should be talking to your manager and arranging a sync up, and I do hope to have at least a quick phone call with each of you (but we are at 17 people now, so I will try my best).

The main point is – LEADERSHIP in the company is forming. I hope all of you realize you are here to be a leader, whether you are managing people now or not – the goal is to have all of you build up as leaders and grow. While this is the biggest team Shadstone has ever had, we plan to grow even more in 2022, and to grow means we need YOU to step up and continue to get out of your comfort zone.

Which I have noticed so much lately – it is great. Examples of people stepping out of comfort zones:

Our community manager – hosting podcasts and GFAVIP meetups even when she wasn’t sure or fully prepared.
Our client services manager – overseeing the client services team , talking to inbound leads on projects (and closing them!)

And so many more – some may be shy to do calls, but are doing them. Some may be nervous to do a new task you haven’t done before – but are doing it. This is what we need to do to grow.

Some project highlights:
Year end calls with our team – I hope to do 1 on 1 calls with as many of you as I can this week. Just want to make sure you know I appreciate your work even though the company is bigger now and I may not be able to work closely with each person – want to have a chance to hear from you.
Indigitus – finally ready to start to be public about the new product. Next week more to show, but still not opening up the shopping cart.
Flamingo handshake is this Wednesday afternoon (USA time) Thursday morning Asia time. Shaina is stepping up to help co-host with us! Also have some “secret santa” gifts to introduce.
GFA broker dealflow – making more waves from some projects, and also discussing with a group of Chinese sellers about training programs, which will also help with more dealflow.
GFA podcast this week will introduce Blimp Method program and our new public brand case study Excalibur Brothers.
NowShenzhen Launch party is this Saturday Dec 18, both online and offline. Rebuilding the marketing team, and the content posting and content marketing procedures which is a bit clunky now.
Shadstone client work and thank you. A reward system for this in the works.
And so much more – seriously we are making amazing things for both the world as well as internal tools to work even better together, online.

Just a couple more weeks of this crazy 2021 and let’s continue to ADAPT and prepare ourselves to THRIVE in the “new normal”. Thinking and waiting for it to go “back to normal” is not the answer.

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