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In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini up to – Oct 18 – 24, 2020

* Home schooling kids in afternoons again – just wasn’t happy w/ various parts of the kindergarten. And I enjoy going through a book (I have a structure now) and also doing interactive creative creation projects on youtube with them.
* Global From Asia will be 7 years old on Oct 21, will upgrade the show to do live streaming and engage w/ the GFAVIP community more, but allow the open internet to also view it. Leverage the work we’re already doing (with a bit more preparation in advance)
* Working with more clients/investor deals in the cross border trade, basically the CCC (content, community, consulting) is what my team and I offer to other businesses in the form of cash or bonus/equity
* Feel people making “year end” plans and already having new year kick off projects. (Sorry I have a few projects now I just can’t be as open about until launch)

For those who want to read the longer week plan…. (removing some sensitive info)

Oct 18 – 24, 2020 Week Plan Shadstone Limited

Quicker week plan today, getting more clear and focused and the team has been doing excellent learning and adapting to the procedures.

Also happy to see more and more of the team adding new SOPs as well as updating old SOPs. This is a core value of our team – we want to work online ,anywhere – and the processes are what will “set us free”. This is the culture – we do not blame someone for a mistake, we instead look at the procedure and workflow and tools and understand why the outcome didn’t come that way. And work as a team, as friends almost, to further improve the procedures and get better outcomes.

And this is what I see happening and I am so happy. For so many years I have been emotional and stressed out making SOPs and training videos that seems to never end – so thank you again.

Last week I also really started to shift more to business development and community mode. We are needing more and more projects and top line to support our team and it is happening. Again, just happy we have a good team to support this.

More and more people are interested in the 1 minute videos and the personal branding the personal brand site – definitely getting more attention so let’s keep leveraging that to “Feed” to various websites and projects we have.

In previous week plans I have mentioned the team (and I) core skills are CCC – community, content, and consulting. So we are doing these and adding these to projects in the cross-boded trade and ecommerce space.

Examples (confidential)
(not launched yet) making promo video, and outreach. (C + C+ C – content, community, and consulting)
More power hour session interest and signups, “power pack” and gfavip memberships – C + C (consulting + community)
Close to confirming a new client – and she wants GFAVIP membership and content service.
Ecommerce deal is almost confirmed, where we are a shareholder, and the factory invests in the inventory and product (which we are not strong in), and we focus on the content and the marketing

Also – we have our website investments, which would be used to help market and launch these services.

So see the “dream” ?
We use our amazing team – content team, and community team, with mostly my consulting (for now, do hope to make it more a platform one day) – and then these become custom packages where we are long term partners for a mix of cash and shares/bonus.

This week:
Global From Asia will be 7 years old on Oct 21 (Wednesday) and I always try to do something. This is my idea – we start to do the podcast interviews (as many as possible) as live streams. We have been testing that – but lets really push it through.

While we have an amazing process down for making the podcast, we now will need to make a pre-recording checklist/task list / maybe even project. But just feel it is time to “go to the next level” and may as well leverage it more.

The idea is – GFAVIP members can join the live session, to also get the “networking” (many people say – they come to live events for the networking – and these new systems have the table networking) – and those who are not GFAVIP members can still see the live stream – but it would be in a facebook stream or something. (Again, still brainstorming) – the idea is – the networking room is for member only where they can meet the guest and others in the private community – and then there is a less interactive session where others can see it. And then of course, our team edits it for the podcast and Youtube.

Also – Loadpipe is starting to re-develop. The idea is – we integrate it more w/ GFA media – and on each show we announce a product / factory that has a new product – and they can either use Loadpipe to contact the factory directory, or they can organize a group buy with us on Loadpipe. This way Loadpipe is using more our marketing and media strength (again CCC – community, content, consulting). We will make the Loadpipe listing for them (content) and promote in our community (GFA) in the live calls and recorded calls.

Ok, I know I am overwhelming everyone (even myself) but just working to connect all the things we do. Let’s just try to keep in mind the strength of the company –

Content – no doubt – our team is all about content, we’ve been doing it for years in almost all forms that exist, with a growing website investment portfolio and also services for others.
Community – GFAVIP, events, online events,
Consulting – private calls, ecommerce gladiator group program

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