Sunday Morning Late August Reflections

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I’ve been journaling and not sharing it online. A lot lately. Today’s I wrote and didn’t expect to share it, but about halfway through I thought this might be a good read for someone.

Week Plan

It is the last week of August? Or at least the last full one.

Things will start to cool down.

Summer is over.

The summer has felt a bit like a transition period. Not just for me, but others around me. Or maybe I am just becoming more aware of my surroundings.

Over halfway through the year (65% according to my morning journal). My main New Years resolution was to learn Chinese enough to speak to my family. My wife isn’t in home today and I am able to have pretty basic conversations with her father in Chinese. So I am getting pretty confident I will reach my goal by the end of the year.

But I will not get lazy and take my foot off the accelerator. Finish the rest of the year strong. Studying for at least thirty minutes every morning, but trying to make it a solid one hour. Approximately 7:15am to 8:15am. Somewhat overlapping with breakfast time with family. I have my Chinese learning mobile apps and my pen and Chinese writing notebook there.

I’m so happy I have been waking up early. It is where I get my daily habits done and over with right away and feel so empowered to go into new habit forming activities.

Another thing that has helped me a ton this year has been reading so many books. A recent Tim Ferriss podcast with Naval from Angel List had a main takeaway to just read more. And he isn’t talking about non-fiction books. he is talking about fiction and philosophy. Tons of books recommended and added to my reading list.

Listening to podcasts has been amazing too. I had listened earlier too, but 2015 I have been more strategic and selective. Its amazing how much free and amazing information – KNOWLEDGE – is online.

A key is planning what you need to learn. Skill development.

Took a personality test – Strength finder 2.0 and wonder if I should take it seriously or not. I mean, it is how I think I am – but is it biased because I am the one answering the questions? Wonder if others would agree with the results.

My stress level has definitely reduced. I think it is the meditation. And also just realizing I have to do my best, and overanalyzing and overthinking will not do too much good.

Life is short. Live in the present, and hope for the best but also have some preparations for the bad.

I have a great, supportive family. My son has an awesome grandfather that takes such loving care of him every day.

I am really excited to rock the rest of this year. Will be in USA in a couple weeks.

And I think the biggest development I have made this year is realizing life is always a struggle. It will never be easy. There will always be a stress that is on my mind. If I become more successful, then I will have even more stress. So I am dealing with it.

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