Win Free Tickets To Shanghai, China Scrum Alliance 2015!

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Win Free Tickets – My friend and Advisor Steve Forte is coming to Shanghai Sept to be a Keynote Speaker at the Scrum Alliance Gathering. Really wish I could attend myself but I’ll be traveling in USA.

So, How to win? Read on, my friend!

Event details can be found here

Official Event Website is globalscrumgathering .hk (not online anymore)

What Is The Scrum Alliance?

Scrum Alliance® is a membership organization that encourages and supports the widespread adoption and effective practice of Scrum. We are an organization of more than 400,000 members around the world, and more people joining every day, you always have peers ready to connect and collaborate. Become part of something bigger than you alone. Scrum Alliance® brings you together with like-minded people who are passionate about Scrum.

How To Win Free Tickets?

They gave me 2 free tickets to give away online, if you send me an email at site @ with how you are using Scrum for your tech product or startup, Steve and I will review them and select the top 2 from this blog. (we also have one going on in Wechat too). This is for the event only, you are responsible for travel and accommodation.

Need to receive the emails no later than Monday Aug 17 midnight Hong Kong time.

When & Where Is This Shanghai Event?

An action packed 2 day event in mid September. It is Monday September 14, 2015 through Tuesday September 15, 2015.

It will be at the www.shangri-la .com/shanghai/pudongshangrila/reservations Pudong Shangri-La

Can book tickets online or call the hotel directly at (86-21) 6882-8888 and mention the group code ELA110915 to secure a guestroom at the negotiated rate of RMB 1,250 Single/ RMB 1,450 Double per night + service charge/taxes.

steve forte speaking at shanghai scrum alliance

Scrum Alliance Day 1: Monday Sept. 14 Sessions



Welcome Remarks
Vernon Stinebaker & Philip Wang
Opening Keynote
Scrum for Full-Scale Manufacturing
Joe Justice

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM: MORNING BREAK
11:00 – 12:00 PM: 60 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Smart Devices Fast IterationSmallBeijing
Terri Tao
Scrum as a pedagogical tool in vocational education in FinlandLargeChangchun
Otto Burman
Scrum Team CRM: Aviation Crew Resource Management Techniques for Scrum TeamsMediumDalian
Thomas Friend
Cracking Enterprise Buy-In: Boundaries, Footholds, and Critical MassX-LargeNanjing
Anthony Montgomery, Jodi Makela
Lessons Learned from Scrum Adoption in Saudi ArabiaMediumQingdao
Mohammad Nafees Butt
Agile as a Mindset**SmallShanghai
Wei Wang
Large Complex Systems Delivery With Release Train Model and Program KanbanLargeShenyang
Minglan Wang
Rise and Downfall of a Large Scale Scrum ImplementationX-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Michael Chik
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM: LUNCH
Monday: Sept. 14 Afternoon Sessions
01:30 PM – 3:00 PM: 90 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Project Nightingale: How An End-To-End Mobile Health Solution Went from Paper to Tablet in 11 weeksMediumBeijing
Ashutosh Chatterji
Villager Mafia’   – An Activity to Promote ‘Transparency’LargeChangchun
Gaurav Rastogi
Practical Reporting Metrics for Agile ProjectsMediumDalian
James Chong
How to “Scale” Scrum without “Scaling”X-LargeNanjing
Jimi Fosdick
Star Wars, Scum and Story MappingMediumQingdao
Matthew Hodgson, Mia Horrigan
The Five Dysfunctions of an Improvised Comedy TroupeSmallShanghai
Daniel Attfield, Paul Hammond
Experience the Power of Coaching in an Agile ContextLargeShenyang
Evelyn Tian
Developing Internal Agile Coaches**X-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Yi Xu



03:30 PM – 5:00 PM: 90 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Self Organizing teams – Myth or a powerful tool?SmallBeijing
Narasimha Reddy Bommaka
Exploit Core Scrum Practices at the Program LevelLargeChangchun
Jeff Lopez-Stuit
Learning 3.0 – Relearning to LearnMediumDalian
Anderson Hummel, Manoel Pimentel
When Your Agile Transformation Team *Is* The Primary Barrier To Your Agile TransformationX-LargeNanjing
Daniel Gullo
How serious play leads to breakthrough innovationMediumQingdao
Cedric Mainguy, Sylvain Mahe
Escape top emotional intelligence traps and hack team cultureSmallShanghai
David Papini
LeSS is natural**LargeShenyang
Yi Lv
High-Energy Agile Transformation using Open Space TechnologyX-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Stuart Turner



Day 2: Tues Sept 15

09:00 AM – 10:00 AM: 60 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Scrum Values Playbook – where synergy begins.SmallBeijing
Stephanie Bysouth
Agile from the other end of the phone line: Successful Agile in distributed teamLargeChangchun
Jacob Creech
Travelling light – The pros and perils of lean documentationMediumDalian
Angie Doyle
Scrum-ish: Agile for the Whole OrganizationX-LargeNanjing
Keith Nottonson
Sun Tzu and the Art of War: Applied and Scalable Simplicity for Medium Sized SCRUMMediumQingdao
Daniel Doiron
Zeros to Heroes: A Three-Month Experiment in SuccessSmallShanghai
Jodi Makela, Anthony Montgomery
My Scaled Agile Journey: LeSS**LargeShenyang
Qingyu Li
Scaling Agility ExploredX-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Ran Nyman, Ari Tikka
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM: FLASH TALKS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Scrum in a Chicago High School Biology ClassSmallTBC
Ebony Nicole Brown
Lean Startup for Agile Product ManagemenMediumTBC
Manik Choudhary
Tricks on distributed scrum teamLargeTBC
Zhe Huang
The Exorcist Was a Sprint Planning MasterMediumTBC
Jeff Lopez-Stuit
How do self-organization live up to and not live up to agile transformation?SmallTBC
Bin Qiao
‘Why’ Is Important than ‘How’LargeTBC
Gaurav Rastogi
Gamification: Do we need Team or Individual?LargeTBC
Arijit Sarbagna
My journey to become a CSTSmallTBC
Jim Wang
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: 60 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
From Scrum But to Scrum PlusSmallBeijing
Gilbert Villanueva
Concrete Experimentation in ScrumLargeChangchun
Bernd Schiffer
Toolbox for Agile coaches: when working with your peopleMediumDalian
Ethan Huang
Scrum Economics: Contracts, Budgets, CapitalizationX-LargeNanjing
Pavel Dabrytski
If your User Story Came Alive !!!MediumQingdao
Kalpesh Shah
Empowering Teams for the Best Architectures, Requirements, and DesignsSmallShanghai
Emre Pekkaya
The Customer CAN always be right –LargeShenyang
Maria Matarelli
Let the right one in – Recruiting for ScrumX-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Lenka Bednarikova
Tuesday: Sept. 15 PM Sessions
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM: LUNCH
01:30 PM – 3:00 PM: 90 MINUTE SESSIONS
Session & SpeakerTrackRoom
Kaizen in Scrum WorkshopMediumBeijing
Kiro Harada, Miho Nagese
Coaching Anti-Patterns and common smellsLargeChangchun
Sekhar Burra
back to the basic — “how do both process improvement and quality assurance work in Scrum framework?”MediumDalian
Jim Wang
Agile yes, but why?X-LargeNanjing
Philipp Engstler
Agile UX is Good, But Can Be BetterMediumQingdao
Zhenyu Liao
Exploring Approaches and Challenges in Enterprise Agile ScalingX-LargeShanghai
John Okoro
The Facilitator’s Toolkit: 12 tools to get results and build a team!LargeShenyang
Sylvain Mahe, Cedric Mainguy
Helping Agile Transformations with ADKARX-LargeSuzhou/Wuxi
Ebony Nicole Brown

Interested in The Scrum Alliance Event & Want To Learn More?

Event details can be found here:

Official Event Website is

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