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In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 23 – 29, 2022

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Happy Chinese New Year – soon we will be past this “limbo” between Western and Chinese New Year – and by mid February “100% new year 2022” will be in effect on both sides of the wall.

What am I upto this week:
* HR / finance – as the team and systems grow – I need to spend more time on this. Amazing team has prepared various reports and I need to push myself through these details.
* NowShenzhen SOPs for content, and onboard content coordinator – more systems and SOPs and processes and HR onboarding
* Blimp Method / Excalibur Brothers deeper product research – keep the team and the systems moving along as this new program is further developed.
* HandyCon 2 – speakers / sponsors for March 16-18, 2022
* Indigitus – video ready but not published, other parts involved being discussed with various parties.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Jan 23 – 29, 2022 Shadstone Limited

What are we doing this week – let’s go! :0)

I’d say Chinese New Year is getting underway and that means not much happening in China for a couple weeks . But we have so much to do all over the world – but just keep in mind factories and clients we work with in China will be on “skeleton crew” and not too active or responsive.

Blimp Method is moving along and we are developing the systems and team to move it along – from product research to coordinating and onboarding the franchisee sellers. A first time for anything is always a bit hectic but the team is doing great and we are creating and improving the process as we go. Also hope to welcome a new team member this week to help us with product research and Amazon operations.

Now Shenzhen is going through that improvement now – a couple weeks of our weekly round up content series has helped get the business flow and been able to connect the business / sales side with the content and tech side of the team. Also hope to add someone to the team from Shadstone side to help oversee the content and workflow, this week or next.

Flamingo handshake / HNS stuff moving along – did well last week even with our partner Chris moving on. We got some great results and the team is further improving the process and systems – this is the goal and we are day by day, bit by bit – getting there.

Now for the HNS stuff we need to move towards further pushing along HandyCon 2 – as it is now less than 2 months away – and do have another Flamingo handshake auction in the middle- but can use these 2 events to market and promote – as it is the same audience in general – and the March flamingo handshake auction will be connected to / after Handycon 2, per last year – so it is all working out.

Just pushing the limits – doing a ton of things – and not listening to the general friend/mentor feedback on doing less – we are doing so many amazing things.

But at the core – it is content/SEO/ecommerce – and has always been .HNS /web3 is simply the next generation of that and we are early – and we need to bridge by doing both the “old / traditional” and the new.

This week – more “grinding” I’m trying my best to review all the amazing HR processes, financial processes, admin processes – my weakness – but we will get there.

Again, we are blessed with an amazing team – and with an amazing team – the sky is the limit.

My main frustration is seems still so much internet / electricity downtime across so many on our team. Each day it is someone not able to come online – and it seems much more frequent than ever I can remember. Hope this can be past us soon to keep operations moving along.

Keep up the great work – let us keep on grinding and pushing the limits.

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