Rocked Beijing! Startup Weekend Beijing a Fun Success! (with video)

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Been to 3 startup weekends since my son was born just a couple months ago – and I love the chance to see the energy and passion in each city.  Beijing hasn’t had an official Startup Weekend for a couple years as the organizing team dissolved.  We re-built it a couple months ago and it has been a lot of fun seeing the organizing team put this together!  Special shout-out to those awesome organizers – Emily, Kang, Leona, Vivian.

We had over 60 participants, mainly local Chinese, I’d say about 45 Chinese and 15 foreigners (Westerners) so as usual, balancing the languages of Chinese and English was a learning experience.

After the 54 hour event the winning teams were:

  1. Space Share – airbnb for office space in China
  2. NGO platform to connect volunteers with non profits
  3. Idea4hack – platform to allow idea owners to post their ideas and work interactively with experts to build it.

I’m learning to make videos fast and fun – here are is the video

Video of Startup Weekend Beijing

For Chinese – via Youku

For Westerners – via Youtube:

(coming soon)

A few hand picked photos

IMG_6964_zps6931870c startup weekend beijing group 2014-1 startup weekend beijing group 2014-2 startupweekend beijing organizing team

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  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work organizing Startup Weekend BJ! I’ve decided that you have superpowers. How do you blog so prolifically while being so busy? (Serious question).

    1. hey Jess,

      My pleasure – I really can’t take all the credit though – there was an amazing organizing team in Beijing and Shenzhen behind it too – Emily, Vivian, Kang, Leona were the key people . Also Jim, Wilson, Yan (who was a participant as well) Kawai, Nik from Shenzhen. And then there is Sheikh from Global HQ doing a ton of calls. And a bunch of volunteers and other people there too helping with tons of details. I am not the best detail oriented person – so somehow I find good people to help with the details.
      As for this blogging – I wrote this blog post in the airport in Beijing. And I wrote another one on the plane. I use evernote to keep most of my notes – and when I start to think about a blog – I start to write bullet points and other things to put into the post. Some build up over time, others when I’m at my peak energy / inspiration.

      Hope that helps? I am also a freak about using multiple devices – and I use tons of SOP documents to standardize everything and share them to various team members

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