Continuing to “Go Back” To Pre-Pandemic Life

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2023

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Some told me “don’t start the FBA meetups again, that is your comfort zone and you need to do things outside of your comfort zone”. I held that advise until 2023 – because I love to do meetups and community, it is in my blood. While it may not make “max ROI”, it inspires me. And that is what happened this past Saturday – room full of amazing business owners and hearing ideas and questions got me all fired up.

This week:
* Reflecting on a successful first FBA meetup – next one for sure Feb 25, but any other kinds of events? Many want more? Free, paid? Etc.
* Social Media marketing flow – need to make this more streamlined, have 11 SOPs and want to plug them into a weekly workflow, know who is in charge of which part, get more clear reports and KPi – and do believe results can come from social for ecommerce brands.
* Financials – further bridging our Amazon, finance, partners, and reports to more closely monitoring fees of Amazon.
* CJ / creative juices – new concept (AI inspired) where I will outline creative initiatives the team can use for our various brands and businesses. If I can do this “hard core” I’m so excited of what amazing things will come out on the “other side” of that CJ.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2023 Shadstone Limited

Sunday morning after re-launching the Chiang Mai FBA meetups and on a “high”. The room was overflowing with people and ran out of seats yesterday. Just feel the signs that we are “back” – and like many times we have said – those who survived this pandemic nightmare will come back 10x. Think it must build out to be a learning center here, workshops, masterminds, events – the “cup is overflowing”, as they say.

And a lot of it comes down to our amazing leadership and ninja team we have here. To be able to do so many beautiful and amazing things.

Last week we continued to upgrade our management processes with more spreadsheets and documents – even creating them for various departments (Such as Social media PM MGMT sheet). It is kind of the “why didn’t we think of this earlier” – as writing down all the “cases” and “projects” is the best way to “get it out of my head and stress” and allow and empower LEADERS and creative people to use their “creative juices” to help “make it happen”.

Speaking of – creative juices – making a “tracking document sheet” where I (and whomever else) aims to “reduce the bottleneck – as I feel in our marketing department we are lacking the creative inspiration for campaigns and promotions. So I cannot wait until I can dive deep into the core creative process and empower the team to spread this creativity all over.

Some things we need to work on:
Financials – as we do so many amazing things, we still need to double down on financial controls, processes, budgets, targets. Especially in Amazon, at the meetup many also commented Amazon is creeping up fees all the time and we need to watch it closely. Hope to get Martha more involved on the Amazon businesses and helping ensure we are profitable as much as possible.

Processes – especially social media – we should be able to do more and use it to drive traffic and sales for our brands. Even Chinese amazon sellers who are not familiar too much with social media know how to do a giveaway campaign that gets likes, comments, and engagement – so we will work on some for NYBS and for EB.

I went off on a rant at the FBA meetup about AI. But to me it is one of the most exciting things, maybe even more than when I first got on the internet – because it means anything I can think of can become a reality. And for my personality with so many ideas and thoughts and dreams – I feel all of it can come true now. And to shut up those “business guys” who always told me I had to focus on 1 thing.

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