This week: Phuket Mastermind + Outsourcing Panel, Aug 27 -Sept 2, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Aug 27 – Sept 2, 2023

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Summer coming to an end always inspires me. Can feel the end of the year, and especially this year, massive changes coming.

* Phuket mastermind – flying out Monday afternoon and return Thursday evening. Six amazon sellers in a villa (Kyle paid) to build some relationships as we all feel still warming back up to networking after covid.
* Cross Border Summit and the story of “open borders, new beginnings”. Been amazing re-connecting with people dispersed all over the world since covid.
* 1 more month til the Purse/Loadpipe close – final preparations and team building. Prototype on track for early October. And brainstorming CBS2023 story connection.
* Friday speaking event – on a panel about the power of outsourcing.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Aug 27 – Sept 2, 2023 Shadstone Limited

The last week of August, the last week of the summer. What a long and transitory summer it has been for us – while most of it has been TALKING, the next 1-2 months you will start to see CHANGES happening.

Bigger one is my transitioning out of the active role at Shadstone. Will Anne write these going forward, these week plans? Something to think about. I’m still trying to let go and must let go, even if it means things will break (hopefully only short term), but it must happen.

Last week we made bigger investments in our sales and community management at Cross Border Summit / Global From Asia. April + April (Gift) both joined and are onboarding – and it is much needed as Sally will be off 2 days monday/tuesday and we are coordinating with tons of speakers, sponsors attendees, and more. Do still hope the others on the team can communicate and engage with the community and discussing how this workflow and community re-engagement will go.

We also FINALLY pushed ahead to re-engage our old email list for NYBS to build out the ambassador program and overall just seeing who we can re-connect with from the previous ecommerce business. Email to me seems like the best channel – many of you know I don’t trust social media at all and none of that is ours. Still ironing out

Further finance, restructuring – we are opening new accounts for GFAkids to make payments, we are having Excalibur Brothers franchisees making payments direct to suppliers – to separate Shadstone from these and more importantly – simplify the complex accounting.

So much more, on the Amazon brands, Esatto container 4 is on the way, Plumepas new product is awaiting packaging and then final assembly, Akitai is working on the bandeau re-launch, Excalibur Brothers flask re-order wrapping up, watch roll listing fix, and more.

I’ll also be on more BD mode for the next 2 weeks, Phuket for an amazon seller mastermind (just 6 people) , and week after to KL for the Nomad Capitalist Live event.

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