Slowly Getting Back Into The Flow: Cross Border Summit Preparations

Slowly Getting Back Into The Flow: Cross Border Summit Preparations

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As I begin to type this out, I hesitate to use the word covid anymore, but just have to. It seriously damaged our cross-border e-commerce community and still putting the pieces back together.

A huge milestone of the rebuilding of the community is the Cross Border Summit. We haven’t had one since October 2019 in Guangzhou, China – meaning it will be OVER 4 years since the last one.

We opened up early bird tickets and have a great group of core supporters confirmed (thank you all) and things are looking good.

Just bit less than 90 days to go – happening on Thursday/Friday Nov 16 and 17, 2023 here in Chiang Mai, Thailand (check out for the latest)

Events always stress me out, and have to admit, 4 years since our last major one, this one is more stressful than I can recall. Feels a bit like a fresh slate – since the last 4 we did (CBS2016, CBS2017, CBS2018, CBS2019) were all in China, and almost in a different time of the world.

So in this video, you’ll find me heading to some networking lunches, seller dinner meetups, and visiting the CBS2023 venue in between. Still working on the best layout and the best way to deal with all the amazing speakers and attendees – which content is best and the amount of speaking, Q&A, and networking to have.

Even since recording this, some amazing new developments have come – April our previous community manager from 2019 is back! And we have some new partners confirming and have a few surprises this year.

Anyone who organizes events should connect here – but I do enjoy bringing people together.

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