Creative Overload In 2023 (Now: Jan 8-14, 2023)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 8 – 14, 2023

In photo, brain overload Friday so took kids swimming.

Listen as audio here [2 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

Brain is overloaded with AI and creative ideas. Expect a blog post – if you want a deep dive.

* Global From Anywhere booking – gfakids evolution, and preparing to put gfavip into it
* AI for departments – hope the team is learning and embracing the video SOPs I made last week. Expect even more, but this time for each department to learn and review – to supercharge – to grow – to be more efficient.
* Source planning / Human resource allocation – Shadstone essentially is a human capital company. AI is changing it. But also we are in a bear market and need to be smarter. So we need to work on a system that allocates costs to our clients and to our partner ventures more.
* Announce the GFA fba meetup in Chiang Mai for Saturday Jan 28 2-4pm at hub53. And starting to “dust off” the old meetup and Cross Border Summit SOPs and workflows.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Last week I feel like half of the world was still on holiday – or it is just that bad of the bear market people are hibernating.

But as usual, never a dull moment at Shadstone – tons and tons of projects and things to do. Even more after the AI and the re-reading of Eben Pagan’s book “opportunity” (recommend it for sure). Actually I’ll write a blog post about it now.

So what are some highlights here at Shadstone

* Massive upgrade of the GFAkids booking system, and rebranding of our booking system to utilize the Global from ANYWHERE domain. Expect to add “adult” training to this system soon. But still streamlining and re-working the registration flow for the current gfakids users.

* Budgeting and forecasting of ecommerce brands – Christian doing amazing (as always) reviewing the sales and predicting 2023. On top of just products, it is having important conversations with our investors and partners on the human resources.

* Human resources – in Luciano’s tweet about AI replacing designers, he says the important skills needed – one of them is resource allocation and resource planning. This is something Shadstone also needs to learn and improve more (in my humble opinion), and we will . We need to adapt as we grow -and there are various proposals and ideas being discussed.

* AI R&D – inspired by AI, and the Opportunity book, Mike has made over 20 r&D spec docs to expand our portfolio even more. Mostly IT and design tasks, some are bigger than others, but the idea is to prepare for the new revolution in the world – the idea that can be thought – will be made – and your mind connects to AI and what you think will be made.

* Supercharging our team with AI – I hope everyone has reviewed the SOP and video I made on using Chat GPT. We are rapidly reviewing our workflows, and I hope next week to make SOPs for each department on how to use AI to supercharge their work. For sure this will replace “robotic” tasks – and instead of having someone doing repetitive things, will need to do more creative thinking.

Honestly this has been shifting my mindset more than when I started doing ecommerce /google ads (at the time overture) / ebay in 2004. The idea of thinking of something – and it becoming real – the delay is dropping significantly. What you can think can become a reality so much faster now. My brain is overloaded of more and more ideas and tools and businesses. Instead of people telling me I/we do too much – expect to 10x that with AI – and then those people will be left in the dust.

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