Newest Opportunity – Open a Bar?

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I am having trouble sleeping, thinking too much, so might as well blog my thoughts down…
Funny that just as i blogged about my business life update that another opportunity came to me – become a partner in a bar…..i at first wasn’t even going to entertain the idea……but i decided to go and see what the offer would be.
Its currently a Brazilian bbq restaurant in the main complex, and he wants to open a bar in the outdoor patio in the back. The owner is looking to find an active partner to help manage and promote the new bar.
gaucho brazilian bbq bar
this was last week, now, i have talked to many people about this, and the normal reaction is that i am involved in so many things already, how can i find the time? Fair enough, that is true….
but i also say, it is complimentary to my bar products and promotion business, as well as my internet marketing skills (well, this is more a local search play).
IF i manage to utilize my strengths in promotion and creativity while finding others who can be the point, go-to people for the bar, that would be ideal.
In addition, this bar will help gain experience in how a bar / restaurant in china operates, allow a networking and meeting place for business, and be my local hangout….
Also, it can be a cashflow for business in china……cash is king in any business, and especially here in china. Constantly withdrawing cash from the business bank account may decrease after this is up and running. If this can become a cash cow to finance my other ventures, sure.
gaucho restaurant layout
Of course, the above sounds great and dandy….but its time, and attention, with no guaranteed payout. Sure, all business is risk, granted….but i really want to focus on loadpipe. But maybe this bar can finance it, as i would prefer to bootstrap as long as possible.
I have always enjoyed organizing and promoting social events, as far back as high school dances. I would coordinate flyers, announcements over lunch and loudspeaker, get music, dj, ticket coordination.
Think this has to be a yes, but i just have to make sure i am smart about time management and delegation… determined to be a donald trump or richard branson, with a multitude of business investments….just seems intriguing, challenging, and never boring.

Hope ya’ll agree!

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  1. mom said sounds fun with lot of time & work
    dont forget oct 19 !!!!
    we are alway on your side

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