NamesCon’s Handshake Track Recap

In Events by Michael Michelini

Still catching up on rest from an intense 3 day conference this past Sept 22-24, 2021. I am proud to say I was one of the MC hosts and organizers of the first ever dedicated Handshake (HNS) track at NamesCon. We were able to put together speakers and sponsors for 2 days of 4 hours of content plus a third day for the Flamingo Handshake auction.

We had a nice mention on DNJournal here which is amazing.

Just still in awe that I was up on the stage with top domain experts whose blogs and videos I have been consuming for years. I feel it is my duty as a Handshake community member to help represent HNS and bridge it closer to the domain ecosystem.

This is the amazing speaker lineup:

Day 1 – September 22, 2021

  • Welcome and Handshake Highlights

    Mike Michelini

  • Handshake 101

    Matt Zipkin

  • Namecheap Now Offers Handshake Domain Registration

    Marina Savina, Mike Michelini

  • The Risks and Impacts of Name Collisions

    Tom Barrett

  • Why Decentralization Matters

    Steven McKie, Jothan Frakes, Gonçalo Sá, Neel Yadav, Fist Full

  • NFT and Blockchain Investing

    Jehan Chu

  • Numbers on Handshake Investing

    Robert Raichici, Colin Burke, Sajan Nair, Paul Webb

Day 2 – September 23, 2021

  • Overview of what to Expect Today

    Mike Michelini

  • Alexa100k - The Missing Link Between Alexa Ranking Sites & Handshake

    Suffian Hussain

  • Handshake: A community-first blockchain project

    Matt Zipkin, Fist Full, 0xStefan, Chad Folkening, Kiba Gateaux

  • What is Bob Wallet?

    Jacky Chan, Rithvik Vibhu

  • Decentralized Name Exchange and You

    Kurumi Imari

  • Issuing Lifetime Domains: Data and Insights

    Mike Carson

  • War Stories: Handshake Pioneers Share SLD Sales and Lessons Learned for TLD Owners

    Steve Webb, Tom Barrett, Clay Collins, Jothan Frakes

  • Use cases for Handshake names

    Tieshun Roquerre

  • Concluding the Handshake Track

    Mike Michelini

Day 3 – September 24, 2021

  • Flamingo Handshake Auction

    Grab instantly-recognizable emoji and single-word TLDs on the decentralized internet, and see just how hot these names are getting. Get a leg up on the competition as the Handshake namespace heats up!

Also I got a great feedback from an attendee who found it from our SkyInclude/ youtube channel:

Was also able to cross-reference our new startup, Indigitus, the dWeb router during my intro session:

And an amazing Flamingo Auction (our sixth now) which had amazing results with 321,000 HNS in winning bids.

And bringing in new blood to Handshake from the traditional domain ecosystem, such as:

Hanging out at The Domain Social

After the auction, still rocking my flamingo glasses and stuff animal, popped into Arif’s domain social zoom:

Discussing long term collaboration and future events at NamesCon with Handshake. Lets keep things rolling.

And defining my role in life as an advocate not just for Handshake / HNS but the Dweb (decentralized web) in general. Sentinel and the Indigitus router, Akash, Sia, Filecoin, Helium – all of this stuff is going fast into mainstream and I am here to ride that wave and help bring more people into the ecosystem through education and awareness. (Not hype and FOMO)

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