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Amazing……I keep wondering when, or if ever, the world will just be open about the information that passes. Reading this Fox News article about Bangladesh blocking facebook……as below

Bangladesh Blocks Facebook Over Muhammad Cartoons

Published May 30, 2010

| Associated Press


May 28, 2010: Bangladeshi Muslim protesters burn a Swedish flag during a protest against Facebook. Reportedly, Swedish artist Lars Vilks has angered many Muslims by caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladesh says it has blocked the popular social networking website Facebook over a page that urges people to draw images of Islam’s prophet Muhammad.

Chief telecommunication regulator Zia Ahmed said Sunday that access to the site has been temporarily blocked because it was publishing caricatures that may hurt the religious sentiments of people in the Muslim-majority nation.

Muslims regard depictions of the prophet, even favorable ones, as blasphemous.

I mean…….when can the world……be free. Then people will say its because America always controls the news, and blah blah blah – but if I don’t like Obama, I can say it. I can joke about that. I can talk about any religion, joke, sex thing I want to. And the US government will not block it. No matter how much they may disagree or not like it….they will allow the us citizens to read it.

I really wonder, I guess, try to understand. here in China, I have learned maybe why, the Chinese government has to control its people… the history and culture developed over time that “if the government rule or law is not there, then it is legal”. I don’t even know how to explain it, but the Chinese people feel, like with tax and local laws, that if it isn’t clearly stated and governed by the ruling “law” or government or police, then its OK to do……

So the idea here is, and connecting the filtering of internet information is that, if anyone in China can say or do anything on the internet, without there being guidelines, rules, and CONSEQUENCES for breaking these rules, then it is feared it would become an INSANE FREE FOR ALL. Complete insanity, and anarchy….

Now, is that is what would happen, who knows…….but I think the older Chinese businessman I talk to believe that is the case.

But I think Bangladesh situation is a bit different, its about religion. But….I mean…..seems like a bunch of cry – babies. Why not blog back, post something on facebook to oppose this, and to make fun of someone else’s religion….instead of having it removed or blocked… back….

blocking it…..hmmm…accomplishes what really???? I mean…ok, so people in Bangladesh won’t see these horrible images – BUT EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD STILL WILL!!! haha, i mean…..and then it will still exist…..and still be disrespectful.

but maybe that is cultural differences too…..

Update May 31

Damn…facebook took it offline, but why give in? I dont understand……I would not have removed it if I were facebook

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