Facebook vanity URLs available – get yours now!

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bit of insanity, reading on twitter that approximately 500,000 usernames have been reserved on facebook now. BEFORE their 12 midnight release they had announced.

Many of my friends and facebook users are SLEEPING NOW. And they were under the impression midnight on Saturday… Guess i’m lucky to be checking during my chinese timezone daytime. and got my username facebook.com/michelini

Another interesting trend I saw on twitter is that, slowly, Facebook is seeing the tactics twitter has been using.

First – facebook copies the “status updates” (what are you diong) concept from twitter.

Now – facebook copies the “username” tactic twitter has.

The main difference I see with the two still is. FACEBOOK IS FOR REAL FRIENDS, you know in life, while Twitter is for those who want to meet new people, and can read anything others post. So Twitter is more open and sharing, while Facebook is more exclusive and friends only.

But yea, Facebook did try to buy Twitter last year, but it was an all stock deal, so Twitter didn’t bite. now, it seems it will just slowly mimic and copy the twitter model. but how much can i copy and mirror, without losing too much of its original focus and own business model – a place for friends (friends YOU KNOW!)

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