You are Going to Win!

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You Are Going To Win

Yes, you are!

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Get in the ring and do it. There are some days we may not want to get out of bed – but too many of those in a row and we have a problem. Steve Jobs test of looking in the mirror every day and if you are not happy with what you are doing for too many days in a row then you need to do something about it.

So make sure you are on the right path. Which is not easy. Heck, who am I to say it. It is hard to stay on the path to do what we like to do. So many people want to tell us what is right and wrong. What we should be doing with our life. Some do it because they love us and want to help us, others tell us because that is for their own self interests (get them to work with them, to do something for them, etc).

So it is hard – to get on the path that you want to do. It is also hard to even know what it is you want to do. Its scary. And unknown. I hope my kids don’t listen to me and they instead do what they want to do.

Once you get the courage to actually do what you want to do, you need to do that every day. You have to have the persistence to do it. To keep up with the action. To keep grinding day in and day out. When no one is watching you. We (or at least I) always think people are watching – but then I started video blogging and putting stuff out there – publicly – and even here no one is watching or reading.

NO one gives a crap about you or me. They aren’t watching your every move and cheering you on or hoping you choke. We think that the whole world is watching us – but actually no one cares. We are all so busy and all this content is being blasted out everyone at all times.

So for me, I just think about death. Maybe it’s the Tim Ferriss stoicism thinking he pushes on us, but I love it. I try to think, there will be a day that I will die. And I will be put in a box (I think cremated is better) and then buried in some dirt or spread out in the sea. That was my grandfather’s wish – to have his ashes spread out on an ocean he liked.

The gladiator movie I always think of the quote “we are but shadows and dust”.

So, by thinking this way, that death is coming after us, and all we can do is smile back. For me, I love creating content. I hope it helps educate people, hope it helps motivate people, hope it inspires them. My favorite part of it is that I hope it can help people long after I am dead. I look forward to seeing my kids get older and be able to check out some of the videos and see themselves on it. To learn about the ups and downs in their father’s life. Hope this inspires them to be great people. To take risks. To take action.

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