Issue of “Mixing” different types of friends

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This title may be a bit strange, but it has come up a few times to me privately. I like to think of myself as a pretty approachable and friendly guy, an open networker. Because of this, I often introduce various friends to other groups of friends.

As my contacts are sometimes of various extremes, in either financial, cultural, or personal lifestyle standpoints, I am told I often make uncomfortable situations by mixing 2 very different friend groups together.

I NEVER EVEN REALIZED this was an issue. I thought all people like to meet new people, and to be exposed to various cultures and positions in life. But a few times, I’ve been taken aside at a party or event, or the following days and asked why I brought “such and such” kind of people.


I don’t want to expose those who have said this, but they basically tell me its fine for me to personally have different types of friends, but that I have to take into consideration the 2 counterparties before entering a transaction (I made it sound cold and technical on purpose!)

What the hell……I think its awesome to MIX IT UP……why keep such a close knit group of clones? Life is about experiencing people from all types of life, to understand cultures and perspectives.

But I think that is something you need to do international business, hell, to do any type of business WHERE YOU DEAL WITH PEOPLE. you have to learn how to deal with all kinds of personalities

Screw it, I’ll keep making these awkward meetings, hope to teach everyone to get along!

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  1. Aha!
    Is this in reference to…

  2. I guess this means we have to add”socially uncouth” to the growing list.

  3. this happened to me b4 as well but now most of my frenz hang out alot together n became very close. mayb most r very outgoing, like cindy ;P

    n as i org some gd parties, frenz start to respect me on whoever i org. many r open events as well so we cant avoid having strange ppl around.

    just for some certain events, certain gp banned another gp of boarding. anyways, when it comes to networking, somehow’s complicated. human r complicated animals.

    n even for me, i cant get along with all sorta human creature in the world. ppl r so diverse, def not all can get along with everyone!!!

    1. Author

      yea Lammy,

      so for some parties u purposely dont invite some groups when you know other groups of friends are giong? yea, it is complex….there are so many personalities, we as outgoing and social people have to learn how to balance it…

      people, are…yes. interesting,

      i know i’m not perfect, when have i ever said so? haha, i am a human being and i have flaws! =)

  4. Oooops! Sorry man. It was all cool for me so I wonder what wasn’t too cool on the other end.

    1. Author

      hey Mike Mo,

      no, nothing on the other side, I am just over-analyzing maybe, but i do need to consider more. you know you could have come by last night with the family and friends at my apartment too you know! i did invite but you didnt seem interested, maybe not your crowd?

  5. Hmmm – I guess I’m more in tune to those softer issues and mostly manage to avoid creating those awkward social situations. I think their are ways to manage that – for me it always comes down to my ability to “feel out” people and their tolerances. Some people just can’t deal with certain types of people and smooshing them together in an unmoderated setting won’t pan out well. If you want to push somebody’s toleration envelope you have to do it in a more tactful manner – unless your a fan of conflict, outbursts, and collateral damage.

    Find a patsy! Maybe a Canadian would work as a target ;-p

    1. Author

      you know me and being sensitive…hah, i just smash everything together and hope it works…..need someone else to finess it….


  6. Nah, not about not being interested and not abt not being my crowd. (Am a cowboy bro! Dump me anywhere and Ill mix up pretty well.) Probably was just all set on doing something else as originally requested and planned.

    But hey, its not bad to mix up people BUT I’d have to say that it will only go well at the right circumstances and with the right timing. Having said that, the person missing on that picture above is YOU — who would then have the role of making sure it is the right circumstance and the right time.

    1. Author

      yea Mike,
      well, I always try to balance the situation…..and being in Philippines pretty much on my own, certain misunderstandings happen. Like last night, Marie’s brothers and cousins feel they have to watch over me as I’m alone here, and think i’m sitting at home bored and alone. So they came by to cheer me up.

      But I always like to mix people up and see what happens…..normally it works.

      seems like i have less control when i’m not in a familiar place. and Manila seems so fragmented geographically, and with transportation, etc. not easy to coordinate

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  8. Its cool man. As I’ve said, staying would be a way of showing them how you’ve appreciated all their efforts all this time.

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