I Am Happy

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Fulfilled? Sure, there are a few things on my wish list…but for the most part, I am happy with my life and the way things are going at the moment.

I am getting warning signs from a few of my friends and advisors on this shenzhen coworking project taking too much of my time and not getting enough return for my efforts —> but you know what, I ENJOY DOING IT…..thats what matters most right? I know these people are just out for my best interests, and I make my own decisions in life, but I am going to do it.

And sticking in China, I enjoy the “chaos”, I believe Shenzhen is a great city to be in, and my only setback is the GFW (great firewall of China) blocking the majority of websites I need to access on a daily basis. Basically, that is the main issue I am having.

I still have to figure out my living situation, still crashing at my buddy Dave Ho‘s pad, and commuting between the apartment here to coastal city, taking the metro to the szteam coworking office. My buddy James has a place out in Longhua district…but seriously I am trying to centralize my living and working environment….so tired of travel/commuting. Also considering a “tropical MBA” in China (ecommerce centered), so maybe rent a big place and have interns also get accomodations there. But for now, stay at Dave’s.

I’m looking to buy a bike again (my last bike in China was stolen), this time a folding bike as I can take it on the subway when needed. Also get some much needed exercise!

I’ll continue to grow ecommerce websites, help guide people on which carts and services to use, have more monthly ecommerce meetups. I enjoy meeting people, enjoy marketing, and enjoy the internet. I don’t have patience for doing services (web design, SEO) so making money online via ecommerce is where I belong. Scale-able, automate-able, outsource-able. Hoping to build a business that is not centered around me and my time.

I also see China to continue to grow and develop and mature….I want to be here as that happens. Since I’ve been here in end of 2007, seen so much already…whereas I believe USA has stayed about the same in the same period (if not decreased…)

But most importantly, I have good people around me every day, a supporting mom and dad back in USA, good staff supporting the operations, a cool new community in Shenzhen for entpreneurs/ecommerce, friends in USA, China, and Philippines I believe I can count on and understand me.

What else can someone ask for? Although I can’t say what the future may bring, I am excited for the adventure.

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  1. what kind of sites are blocked? is it anything that is political? or is is every sort of site? facebook? I’m kind planning on going there but this is one thing I am bummed about.

    1. Author

      hey Dave,
      I guess I forget not everyone in the world knows about the Chinese government regulation on the internet. The government thinks they have the right to regulate what is put on the internet, and any website that does not comply with filtering content will be blocked. A few big ones that are blocked:


  2. Love the line – Scale-able, automate-able, outsource-able. Stick to it!

    1. Author

      yea Marshall, took me a few years of you telling me that, now I’m executing! see you in Shenzhen soon!

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