How to Structure NYC Retail Store Licensing + Consignment Deal

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i’m back to doing USA business almost 90% of the time….think i really gotta get back to the usa and straighten some deals and alliances out.

Since Shadstone took over newyorkbarstore…. i have been seeking vigorously how to improve the cash flow, here are some ideas

I NEED HELP WITH #1…………….how to structure a deal like that…

1) PARTNER with a NY retail shop – we get so many people looking for our retail store…..this is my idea
a) CLOSE/ end my 3rd party warehouse contract in upstate NY – and ship all the goods to the retail location in manhattan (or a borough)
b) license the shop the newyorkbarstore brand (trademark) – would they have to put up a sign, or even change the name of their shop
c) at first give them consignment terms on the goods i have in the upstate warehouse but..
…. later turn them into a customer…? or ….this is where i’m not sure.
d) add this shop’s products to the online retail website.
e) how to approach these shops…. i made this list –

2) move my warehouse to california – for my B2B – and then diversify from just barproducts to all kinds of bar products – sending JIT to the NY store location (#1 above)
a) I already hve some stock in california, in the city of santa ana.
b) cali is closer to china / india so my shipping time is reduced as well as my shipping costs
c) sell B2B from california, and using the NY location as a retail and geographical location.

3) build more online retail shops selling directly from my office in shenzhen.

I should be in NY sooner then later……but first want to get some warm leads and deal structure before going there….with the purpose of going there to sign and executre #1

going through my list of NYC friends and contacts…..gonna be busy making calls and talking shop – seems i’ll be on USA time frame for some weeks to come…

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Ben San Diego Trade Co
Ben San Diego Trade Co

Seems you are on the right track. Stores should buy your products at prices for resale, and you should not need to offer consignment. All of those stores you listed there could be your customers – or you could try to find a few to strategically partner with – including you advertising online for them etc…looks like many of them don’t have websites. I like the idea of B2B supply from Cali and selling to retail stores anywhere. Move business more to wholesale distribution. New York bar store remains dominant online retailer but sells to qualified brick and mortar stores… Read more »