Maybe I Should have gone to MBA school……

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Shanghai China Disco MT3 a few nights ago

Past week….was a rollercoaster….emergency call from a usa customer… day flight to a factory (below) 2 days of negotiation….conference calls, fighting….contracts, legal consul,

everyone wants to be a “boss” until shit hits the fan.

Maybe MBA school would have been a better way to learn….but then again…..what do you really learn in MBA school??? I feel like my night classes / Masters in Tech. Mgmt while I was taking my bachelors will suffice…….raw experience is the way to learn…..but man there are some painful ways to learn.

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  1. dude – hang in there. don’t doubt yourself. MBA may prepare you for the stuff you are already doing. hang in there bro – sorry to hear of your troubles. The club looks cool looks like something out of an al pacino movie

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