Happy Birthday, My Dear Maggie

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Sneaking in some internet action on my “Digital Detox” to share my amazing daughter’s first year birthday. The snow princess. Born on the coldest day EVER for Shenzhen, China last year – she truly is an ice queen 🙂

We are here in the middle of nowhere Guangdong province. One of those Ghost cities in China that the American news loves to report a bout. But it has been amazing already in just a couple days of not checking my multiple phones notifications every five minutes. And I get to appreciate this amazing human being, my daughter, Maggie.

I wonder what she is going to grow up to be? I can hope and speculate, and I’m not even going to share on this blog what I’m thinking – but its my job to give her that environment. One of love and security. To not be afraid to live the life she wants to live, to do the things she wants to do.

Another cool thing is so many of my friends are popping babies now. All around the world – I guess we are all waiting till we are older in this generation – as I’m in my mid 30s and most of my friends are too. Yet I think this is better for the kids, as in my 20s I was still a “kid” myself, not sure what I wanted, where I would go, who I would be. Being older and more sure of who I am, I feel better to be a responsible parent. Seems my friends are on the same boat. Can’t wait to start having our kids play together in different parts of the world.

Cheers Maggie, happy Chinese New Year. Happy Birthday, and to many more years of peace, love, and happiness.

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