From Bangkok to Hanoi: Blockchain and Innovation

From Bangkok to Hanoi: Blockchain and Innovation

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On the road again, as my late Uncle Bill would say (rest in peace). And I take the camera with me, as always!

This trip was a 2 city destination, first down to Bangkok for Southeast Asia Blockchain Week, and then the main event – Hanoi for the first ever “in person” Handshake hackathon.

SEABlockchainweek was epic, the pre-events were some of my favorites, and was overloaded with connections and deals for Loadpipe ecommerce protocol. We were able to get some inroads with investors and incubators in Korea and Singapore. As well as some amazing startups and tech companies there for integration and marketing support.

Then off to Hanoi, where I am typing up this little blurb.

Always two birds with one stone – was able to spend Friday with LianLian Pay, our community sponsor for Cross Border Summit, and did a workshop at their new office in the Cross Border Trade building!

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Next was the weekend Handshake Hackathon.

This was arranged by Arrene, a HNS community member and local Vietnamese person. She put this whole thing together – and we just found out she is only 19 years old. The future really does belong to the next generation, and the internet as well (HNS reference). Loadpipe is a proud sponsor of this initiative and hopes to have more Handshake and Loadpipe ecommerce integration.

This serves 2 purposes, one is to have more talented developers building on Handshake. The second is to meet some of these OG builders in person for the first time ever. Really a global community, we have people from Australia, India, the USA, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, and more coming to mentor / judge/sponsor this first-ever hackathon.

Look forward to getting to know each other more, and building the future of the internet. It is these grassroots initiatives and creations that are the most impactful. Really makes me think of the Startup Weekends I was doing in the early 2010’s.

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