Going to Cebu, Philippines in July!

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I’m really excited to be going to the Philippines after a couple years! I’ll be going right after July 4th, on Sunday morning July 5th from Hong Kong. Heck, I haven’t left China in so long, never mind going to the Philippines – I am looking forward to a change of pace.

When I’ll be in Philippines

I’m flying from Hong Kong direct to Cebu – early in the morning on Sunday.


HongKong to Cebu

Flight No: 5J 241


05 July 2015, Sunday, 0940 H (09:40 AM)Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

05 July 2015, Sunday, 1215 H (12:15 PM)Mactan-Cebu International Airport International Terminal

I didn’t book my return ticket yet – but am thinking of coming back the next weekend, on Saturday July 11th.

Purpose of the Trip

So why am I heading down? I will be going there for business mostly – Josh moved back to Cebu from USA and he and I have known each other for years. We had been working on projects together when he was in Cebu before going back to America and now that he’s back he’s going all in with a new office.

I’m going in on him and will be a partner – something we had discussed four years ago and took a break is finally back on track. Just really picking up where we left off since the relationship and knowledge and trust is there.

I’ve been doing a decent volume on Odesk, and happy with the service, but as things are getting scaled up bigger and I have someone there back in Philippines who knows the business and internet marketing I’m excited that we can do this. He has a great deal on a new IT office space and construction is underway.

The office will open on August 1 and I have been getting regular updates from Josh on the progress.

Want To Get Some Seats in a New Call Center?

So we’re in the process of booking clients in the call center, will primarily be for SEO services, web development, customer support, and maybe gradually phone support. Josh is a real hustler so we will make things happen.

We’re currently pretty flexible on how we work, it can be full service, or you can take dedicated seats for your own dedicated staff in the office. Its a massive space that can fit like 30 people. And it will be “startup-y” with the high ceiling and open space. And a fun and creative atmosphere that will attract a lot of great talent.

Ready to Go Back With An Office In Philippines

I’m excited to get back into Philippines business again, since 2011 I have not had a full operation, went to having everyone working remotely from home and Odesk. Now we will have ultimate control and potential to work hard and let hard working, creative people in Cebu get a chance to learn and build a career.

Let me know what you think and would love to see if we can cooperate in this project together.

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