Finding Trusted Partners & Allies in a Foreign Country

In china business by Michael Michelini1 Comment

I dont want to say being in China is a reason for saying its hard to find trusted partners. But I think its being a foreigner / visitor in a faraway place that makes it complex and hard to know who is out for your best interests, not only their own.

I keep hearing these horror stories about being robbed of deposits, products, people fleeing the country with another’s business plan or client list. And its foreigners doing it to other foreigners! That is the insane part. An American in China screws another American in China, all the time!

Just makes my life that much more complicated, as people are hesitant to trust me, and I am more hesitant to trust them. Because at one point, a contract needs to be signed, money needs to exchange hands, and one is putting trust in the others.

Always on my toes and thinking worst case scenario…CYA