Continuing to Build up the Shenzhen Startup community, launching Startup Digest!

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A couple weeks ago my friend Peter Choi, the Hong Kong curator of Startup Digest HK sent me a facebook message mentioning he is getting more and more requests from Shenzhen startups and events to post their events and updates. So of course, Shenzhen Peter thinks of me, (I’m honored!).

Obviously I’m totally slammed busy with my own startup Social Agent but do believe it is time to continue to show the world how Shenzhen is a true startup center!

Startup Digest, which recently merged with Startup Weekend, is a email newsletter sent out to startups in a local community, to better connect the ecosystem:

here is a bit from their site:

We promise that every newsletter you receive from us will be useful and actionable. We hope that you will use it to meet new people, improve your skills and get more involved in your startup community.

Every week we’ll send you the best tech startup events in your local community and a reading list of the best articles from around the startup world. Everything we feature is chosen by curators who are active founders, hackers, designers, or investors

Below are some ways we have already started to centralize the events and get the word out, talking to other Startup Digest cities in China as well as local event organizers in Shenzhen:

Shanghai StartupDigest – Life is too short to work at a boring company.

Dear Shanghai StartupDigest Readers,

Looks like everybody is getting ready for the Chinese new year. There will be only DrinkEntrepreneurs meetup on this Monday.

I would also welcome our curator Michael and JP for StartupDigest Shenzhen! I have always heard good stories about the Shenzhen startup community. If you travel to Shenzhen quite often, make sure you subscribe to Michael and JP, and add Shenzhen as a chosen city in your subscribe list.

Happy Chinese new year!


Shanghai StartupDigest is curated by:
Bob Zheng – Founder of People Squared
Calvin Chin

More examples of how we’re building up the Startup Digest and startup community in Shenzhen

Hi Yafei:

Great to meet you! Thanks for the introduction Zac. I’m also CC’ing Michael, who is the co-curator for the Shenzhen Startup Digest.

Yafei: I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Startup Digest ( but it’s basically a free, regular email that highlights startup events in a city. Beijing and Shanghai both already have a Startup Digest email. We’re starting it in Shenzhen.

Zac mentioned that you organize a monthly Ruby meetup in Shenzhen. I’d be interested in checking out the next meetup! And if it’s a good fit, we can include it in the Startup Digest email so more Ruby enthusiasts can find out about the event and help grow the Ruby community in Shenzhen.



So please, signup for and get biweekly updates of the local Shenzhen startup events.

We will post both in English and Chinese, and also try our best to be clear what the main language of the event will be in.

Lets rock it!

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  1. Cool. I’ve just subscribed. But no one events in calendar. Is it still alive?

    1. Hey Alex,
      It’s still live but not many english events in shenzhen. We will send newsletter every couple weeks

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