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In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini Up To Now? Nov 8 to 14, 2020

* Kids back in full time school in November (ya, I just found that out on Nov 1, ha!) and I do the English teaching once they are out of school before dinner. As the only foreigner here, I’m trying to keep the English classes going as well as the culture / holiday schedule.

* Trying to be more a leader than a manager. Trying to trust my team more – they are doing great work. Try to be a coach to them, to support them to grow. Empower them more.

* Really feeling the whole world catching up to ecommerce – friends all over asking for help to get their businesses online. Feel the lockdowns will continue into 2021.

* Trying to not be distracted by the elections. Need to keep my head down, get my work done, and build a team and customer base that supports us.

For those who want to see the full plan to the team (removing certain names and client and other info) here it is.

Week Plan Nov 8 to 14, 2020 Shadstone Limited

What a crazy week last week – the whole world seemed consumed by the US election and it was super hard to get anyone’s attention for anything else.

Project specific updates:
GFAVIP events – we are overwhelming ourselves, but just like when we standardized the podcast editing project, it was a bit hectic and then once tasks were clarified and the schedule was more organized, things moved smoother. I already feel that now that we have a few weeks of sessions lined up, and know who is doing what, the workload is smoothing out. Plus I love it is really helpful.

Also making 1 minute videos now for the GFA podcast, so that it can be another way to promote people to “invest” in watching the full length show (feel the 1 minute videos are a good way to get attention and also build the awareness).

Howard’s PPE event is this week – been super busy on that with last minute speaker and attendee coordination. app – It was a bit buggy, well still is a bit, but a huge update was done on Thursday and it is more and more clear. The main use is it is a no-signup required, auto translate app. Meaning – you can post this on your advertising / airbnb / ecommerce product boxes and when someone wants to contact you – they dont need to add your facecbook/whatsapp/wechat – they start to chat to you – plus it auto translates (so if they are a foreign customer, they can speak in their native language without google translate).

Working on a new webinar and SBO mastermind program with Gilbert, my sales coach. I know I have a confidence problem – and also need help on the sales offer and scripts – happy to have his help and while we do pay him, I know he genuinely wants to help as we are friends for many years. He helped make a new webinar page script and we are having that made now.

Studying and investing in Handshake sites, a blockchain based decentralized internet. Still very early stage and higher risk as most internet users can’t open the sites on their browsers (without updating their DNS manually) but I do hope it grows in adoption.

Client work – getting more client projects – on Amazon content, SEO, and on blog content, – but it is almost always around content/marketing/SEO – which is what Shadstone is.

Again, it is the CCC – content, community, consulting – that is what we do.

And we have an amazing team – this is the most valuable thing – and thank you for putting up with my sometimes stressed out reactions (I think I’m getting better) but I know sometimes I do not deal with pressure too well and make outbursts.

We have all worked hard, and in 2020 we have really come together as a team and that is the most valuable part.

For me, as you may see – I am really always trying to think long term (many say too long term) – as that means investing a lot upfront without much short term return. That is extremely hard and stressful – but I believe our ROI is coming – we have a great team, and partners, and assets we have been building for so many years.

That combined with the whole world on lockdown being forced to work like we work – online, and remote – and also do ecommerce and internet marketing – we are well positioned to be leaders and long term in the space.

So please, if you are on the team now – you are here for a reason. We want the best – and you are – lets just keep learning – and if any questions or problems – let us know.

What is up this week?
Howard’s PPE2 event Monday and Tuesday (USA time)

Double header of GFAVIP streaming sessions on 11/11 (Singles day) – we have back to back live streams on Wednesday Nov 11 –

Webinar on Nov 12 – morning and evening sessions with John Cavendish on having an online team for your Amazon business.

Thursday night is Zack’s happy hour and we are working on supporting each others events in the community.

And just further improving our workflow, especially for then GFAVIP live streaming and webinars, but also for the client work.

But then again, that is life and that is business – we will always be improving and growing.

What am I upto? For those curious see ….

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