Culture Shock & Logistical Issues Full Effect Today

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pic of my new desk in china….note the ATM receipt, chinese biz cards, chinese phone, chinese coins, and some Chinese snacks spicy, not too sure what it is…

Think today has been the day I’m finally realizing that I’m living here…and that I am surrounded by people that I cannot communicate with! Sunday afternoon right now, went to the grocery store to get some odds and ends….what an adventure…couldn’t find many similar products i’m accustomed to – most of the bread is soo sweet and sugary…couldn’t find margarine – etc etc….funny but then I started to realize- hey this is gonna be every day life so quiet some time….

I am gonna start taking formal Chinese tutor classes tomorrow..

and the technical, logistical, and financial issues are still there….still using the ATM to get cash….don’t have a credit card that works here, not sure if mail is coming through to me yet….

and the computer…man – I bought a nice new desktop and the tech guy came to set me all up with wireless, etc etc…half the programs are in chinese – and half of those are just garbled letters because the chinese language isn’t configured correctly..scanner isn’t working all the time..and my laptop is completely out of commission now…the tech guy will come again tomorrow at 9am…so hopefully its things that can get resolved…but my patience is wearing thin….

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  1. Hang out there! It must be tough adjusting to that lifestyle, but there are sure other people like you around. You might wanna share your experience and get some tips from them.
    Good luck with you Chinese computer!

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