Before the Exit Book Review (Don’t Sell!)

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A quick review of my buddy Dan Andrew’s book – Before The Exit: Thought Experiments For Entrepreneurs. Already put this up on Amazon as soon as I devoured it on my Kindle – but wanting to document more on the bloggity-blog here too.

Makes me never want to sell! 😉

Thanks Dan for this counter-intuitive advice. I was also fortunate enough to hear his speech about this at DCBKK and it was nice to read it through in detail here. SO many entrepreneurs are “blinded by the light” of raising investment and then the exit – they forget about the middle – doing the actual business. My favorite takeaway is treating a business like a platform to try new businesses and spin offs. Look forward to what Dan and Ian are upto next, I’m sure it won’t be as much of a struggle for them the next time around – but surely it is – as they say – harder to start from scratch than to use an existing business as a platform. Recommend.

Reflecting on this book more – it is really true, I don’t want to sell either. Brands take so much time to build up and develop as well as the community around them.

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      Posted this on Amazon a while back, posting on the blog too now 🙂 My big takeaway really is – don’t sell! Use this as a long term vehicle for building wealth. Maybe sell the brands, but not the operations?

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