Upgrading Podcast to Live Stream

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Upto Now – Oct 25 – Oct 31, 2020

Focusing on content as that is our core strength and making GFA podcast into a live streaming weekly show.

This Thursday 7pm HK time will be our third one (but more prepared one as we have been still testing) with Sharon Gai from Alibaba talking about how SME brands can sell in China. With GFAVIP member networking before and after the session.

Working on more SOPs and systems for our IT department, which always happens once we transition the team (someone is leaving, someone is joining) so we are going through the tasks and re-organizing and cleaning things up.

Launching a new chat service for web and mobile – still in invite only beta mode. If you’re interested to be in the beta reach out.

Company setup for new Amazon brand joint venture.

Content creation and marketing for ourselves and clients, as always.

The full company week plan (removing names and company info) for those more curious

Oct 25 – Oct 31, 2020 Week Plan Shadstone Limited

Happy Halloween! Will be on a Saturday this year – kids must love that trick or treat!

As always, a lot happening and hope this week plan helps you keep up to date on what we are doing here at Shadstone.

Team Updates

Some transitioning in our IT department. So please bear with us as we transition, and thank you for your help answering questions and making this smooth. Hope to still work with you a bit.

Adding new people, you will see he was added to our Slack. He’s a new client/partner with us on his new tech startup – it is a no signup required, auto translate chat system for web and mobile. We will be inviting early users to it and making videos and content for it.

Project updates
GFA turned 7 last week, and with that – we are upgrading the show to a live stream, video, and audio podcast all in 1 – as well as a GFAVIP member call. We noticed we were having all these separate online calls – for the podcast recording, for member calls, for networking, etc – and then thought – why not combine it all.

It is still a lot of work to adjust – as now instead of the team helping me in post-production – we need the production team also involved in pre-event and during-event work. And it is a lot, the SOPs and the tasks keep piling up.

But we have an amazing team, and tools to keep it organized.

The idea is to even bring back Loadpipe into the live GFA recordings. We can add in product placements of factories looking for sellers / distributors in the show as part of a “Loadpipe” show segment.

The idea is – we are a media-first company. Talking to many advisors and friends and mentors over the months – that is our core strength – content, community, consulting – so we wrap all of that together in a weekly live streaming audio/video production.

Then after the show , GFAVIP members can network with the guest as well as each other.

We are working on an event platform for GFAVIP members as well – listing their events such as Zack’s happy hour and Howard Thai’s PPE2 event.

Basically – to put together all the work we have been doing and make it more clear for the team, the community, the private members, and ME! The site will be events.globalfromasia.com but still getting finishing touches earlier this coming week.

Consulting work still going on – making content and updating funnels etc.

Have a couple new potential projects for web marketing and content.

Also plan to launch the new Amazon brand with the Thai factory starting in Jan and registering a new company for it.

Thanks team hope everyone is clear what is happening and what we are doing.

Let’s list out the team tasks
You can see the team list on the company handbook.

need to re-connect. Trying to prepare more tasks for infographics and design for him.

helping us upgrade our audio podcast to a full TV show. Discussing making 1 minute video previews from the “top quotes” section in the show to use as promotional footage on social media.

has had some schedule readjustments, hope things are working out ok. Helping with the community and live calls.

talking with a new potential client, and helping make content for our sites

still deep dive into our email marketing, so happy to have her help monitoring campaigns. Also helping with events for client and our things (got into wechat for gfavip account!)

keeping the client stuff organized as always- also learning more about the pre-production tasks for guests, oboarding guests (we made onboard.globalfromasia.com )

chipping away at the writing

FB ads guy, also helped with a new client FB ad account spin off.

transitioning out, but hope will be available if urgent.

Team member’s friend and helping with our IT development tasks

welcome back! Helping with website building.

close to finishing All Jewish Links directory, will help with more data and directory projects.

keeping the books in order.

superwoman 😉 keeps the content in order, and the newsletters scheduled, and other various tasks I throw at her (hope its ok!)

picking up new tasks in the IT department with the team transition. Learning site-deploy of bigger sites

I introduced a potential website client to him

helping post and oversee our social media accounts organic. Also learning the live streaming systems for live calls. Thanks for that, think this really will help make our account more interesting

always helping organize my “crazy ideas” and making tasks, checklists, and projects. Hope I am not overloading her lately as we make the GFA TV show.

chipping away at the overseas property website

getting our podcasts online. Also excited that our videos will also go to iTunes video feed (we have 2 iTunes feeds)

designing a ton of new projects we are doing, and helping make the public and private events and calendar.

thank you team. For making things come true.

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