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Getting Emails Like This Makes Me Warm and Fuzzy Inside

It has been a stressful few days, but then again when isn’t it stressful?

Got a nice email from Ling Ling – a team member from 10 years ago! Yes, 10 years ago. It was 2008 when she worked for me, doing sourcing work in our Shenzhen, China office.

For some reason she thought to email me yesterday (March 20, 2019) over 10 years after working with me:

Hi, Mike. Ling is here. It’s already more than ten years since I left your company. I checked my emails just now, and somehow I found your email address. I think, “Hey, why not write something to you, no matter you can receive it or not?”

Just want you to know that I really miss the days when I worked for you. You are brave and kindness and I remember you always said I have a big heart. Now, I am an English teacher and a mother of two, a girl of 5 and a boy of 3.

I would be delighted if you could receive this letter.

Best regards

I Remember That!

I remember her! I remember giving her that advice that she was so kind hearted. I remember because she was doing the sourcing and it didn’t seem to be the best role for her. She was the nicest person in the office (we had about 8) and I was right – she is an English teacher now (per her email).

Just thought I’d share – and document – this nice little email I got. And good thing I keep my email active after so many years!

So – hope others can remember this – life is short – and 10 years pass fast – lets try to have the best impact we can with our staff, and anyone we encounter. I hope I had a positive impact on her life – and it seems even the small time working with her maybe I did.

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