Addictive Social Hyper Buying / Selling – “I Got The Fiverr”

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It must be pronounced FEVER , like “I got the fever“, the site is pretty addictive….I created my fiverr profile (“five dollar” & fever) and quickly linked my paypal account….with their damnquickpay you don’t need to go in and out of paypal each time you make a purchase…..

What will people do for 5 bucks? Seems people get creative, here are a few of my favorites I found today:

I will use some clay figures to display a message of your choice. The clay figures are very basic so as… for $5
The models are basic and roughly fashioned and can be used… (by madmoo)

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I will have one of my basketball players dunk the ball then say what you want for 5 seconds for $5
I coach a semi-pro basketball team. My guys are SUPER athletic… (by dsavage)

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I will do a 15 sec. commercial for you or your business. for $5
As a commercial actor I will do a 15 second commercial (you… (by stephanielh)

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I will make your ecover, ebook, cd, box, book with cd, ebook with cd covers and send of it for $5
I will make your book, eBook, CD, box, book with CD, eBook… (by aleh49)

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I will illustrate you as a cartoon for $5
I will capture your likeness in an original illustration, great for use as a fun profile picture or… (by themorpheum)

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I will draw you as a chibi for $5
Thats just it, drawing chibi’s. I will not do nudity of any kind. Sorry, but I do not ship these… (by nijiiru)

I will draw anyone as a cartoon character for $5
I will draw anyone as a cartoon character. You will receive a fully colored, digital drawing. I can… (by nielscostermans)

I will create custom t-shirt designs for $5
I will create a t-shirt design for you. I will be using Photoshop CS5. I will just need a few sentences… (by ziggy513)

I will make a small advertisement graphic for $5
I’ve used Photoshop for half my life, practically, so I know the ropes. Also re-done billboards… (by kristylynn)

I will put your face or your friends face into some one else’s body for $5
i will crop your face or your friends face and put it into… (by rijoro)

So I listed up there I would tweet something related to internet marketing or ecommerce to my twitter followers for the 5 bucks.

Actually faster then I expected I got a buyer, and ….actually I was a little hesitant to post an advertisement in my twitter stream….but I did take off my offer from fiverr ….I’ll think of some more creative ones soon….already thinking of how to tweak it for the Chinese market.

There is an open source version, and we are building it up to be a Chinese version called so you can make these trades for 33 chinese yuan (reminbi)…think this would be very interesting in the China market.

But this is social media BUYING, social media ecommerce………….its coming fast…..and its addictive.

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  1. man thanks for hooking me up with that guy Ron – Mike! That guy said he’s gonna make me a millionare

    1. Author

      sure, glad he could be of service to ya! I did put (ad) in the tweet for some disclosure. anyway, shouldn’t do that anymore

      1. I know i’m just messing around. This is another potential unexpected dangers of social networking. I never thought of it before – but now i see how someone bought an advertisement on your twitter feed. interesting. soon those ads will probably be worth a lot more than $5

        1. Author

          yea dude, this is the next generation of internet advertising….SOCIAL….

          and that means PEOPLE mroe then websites will matter…..i think more people trust PEOPLE then a general website…..

          I am hoping I am positioing my self correctly for this shift in internet marketing —> social media marketing….and the decline of google.

  2. Great share bro … I was not sure how to pronounce fiverr ! Your article cleared my doubts.

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