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Enjoying The Different Chapters in Life

Mike’s Blog 104

I remember being so stressed out about something in my life back when I was living in New York City. Funny thing is now I can’t even remember what it was. The stressful thoughts passed in and out of my thoughts for days. AT the time I was living in Murray Hill, and my neighbor, Laird, was awesome. I was working on Wall Street, she was working in Fashion as an editor. Totally different lifestyles. Our doors were so close half the time we would bump into each other (literally) when entering and exiting each other’s apartment unit. So you can imagine we got to know each other well.

We discussed my stressful issue, and she just said I should do sports or exercise more to get it out of my mind. Which is also good advice, but then later – she took one of the many books off her bookshelf and explained it to me. It was a picture book. She said that life is like a book. Each of these sections in our life is a chapter. Sometimes a chapter in the book is scary, sometimes it is a big threat and challenge, others it is a celebration. We need to think of each section of our life as a chapter and make the most of it.

That stuck with me. Such a simple idea as living our life as if we are in a book, and milestones are chapters.

Well, that was my Wall street chapter in my book, lasting almost 5 years.

The big chapter now is being a father. And it was my son, Miles’s, birthday this past week. For so many of us, we say it is a life changer, and it is. But really, it is just another chapter.

Having video calls with my parents and my kids is like a generation timewarp. The chapter my parents went through with me, up until I moved out after high school, is a few different chapters I can imagine.

So many comments on these video blogs are to “appreciate these times while my kids are this age” is so true. I’m trying my best to “soak it all up”.

Even though hosting a baby birthday party where my house becomes a wrecking zone. I try to step back, this will all be over in just a blink of an eye (a few more years).

The next chapter will be when both of my kids are in school full time. Parents tell me that is when life gets back to normal.

I’m already dreading the times when my kids are embarrassed to hold my hand in public, or want to go off on their own. So really, while I am sometimes annoyed about having to do these baby parties and other “events” in this young age, I know this is the most time I will be able to spend with my kids in the chapter of my life.

Soon, school, high school, summer trips, college (well, I don’t think college will be relevant anymore when my kids are that age to be honest!), and then their professional life. I’ll be regretting not spending more time with them at this age then.

Maybe this is helpful for you too? To think of your life in chapters. Another one I heard was to break your life up into 5 year sprints. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime, and write it all down. Then don’t do all of it at the same time. Instead, put them spread out over 5 year chunks. Because a lot of us, myself included, try to do everything at the same time.

So for now- my 2 things are – spending as much time with my kids, and building up a membership site Global From Asia VIP.

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  1. Hey bro, so good to see your updates when I check in every cpl years! You’re looking and sounding really good. Quality video – keep on writing your book of life!

    1. lol, wow look who’s back! nice to hear from u bud – the book keeps on writing …can’t help myself 😉

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