Yesterday was the last day

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Man, can’t believe its over – I had better never, ever go back to working for the man……gonna miss the crew at deutsche bank – good people….good times

last night was the last hurah! hit up klarney rose irish pub – upon entering order a yard stick of stella….ended up chugging that one, maybe one or two more, enticed to just chug it – man those hit me quick, after the last chugging…i immediately run for the bathroom stall…….explode…..pewk…hit the door, then run for the toilet – let it all out – it’s only freakin’ 6:30pm !!! keep on rockin out – gotta go out with a bang….

tonight just back from a pub crawl in the east village – met a bunch of my college buddies……getting a little butterfly feeling in my stomach, but its only natural – I can’t settle I have to keep working until I make peace with myself…

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