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Pushing The Limits

How do you feel about getting outside of your comfort zone? I don’t know if anyone likes it – but I can tell you – the times I have is the time I have seen growth in my life and my business.

I’m going through it right now actually. We have our biggest event to date coming up – the second annual Cross Border Summit – and the pressure is on. We have a ton of pressure to sort out all the details of the speakers, the venue, the attendees. Bring it on.

To add to this pressure, I thought I’d add more products to offer! Last year we had a great summit, and people wanted to keep in touch and engage after. So it makes sense that this year we offer them ways to do that. We will have a couple new things to introduce

1) Job board – this is a free way for business owners to be able to post their openings for BUSINESS jobs in Asia. Not English teaching jobs, but business jobs – from home based “digital nomad” offers to full time in the office. We decided to launch this because we get more and more requests from both sides about job opportunities – a lot of our listeners are in US or Europe and other places outside of Asia with great skills – but no way to find business jobs in Asia. And on the other side, we have companies in Asia who need help as they grow, and are asking Global From Asia for help. We have even done some full service style head hunting projects which was a lot more work than we expected – so making this job platform will help us.

2) Asia Services Marketplace – now, this is our biggie to announce. For years, even before Global From Asia existed, I have been connecting businesses overseas to service providers in China and other parts of Asia. We want to open this up and put it online. Why? Because I’m only 1 person and I want to let more people connect – and at the same time, get a small reward for my work. So the way this works is vetted service providers (we approve the listings) get up on and then the business owners overseas who need help doing business in China and Asia can find them. They can pay directly online and we hold the money in our marketplace until the work is done. Once the work is done, we release to the service provider, feedback is exchanged, and everyone is happy. I’m tired of being stuck in these situations where I make introductions and then later hear about problems and I didn’t even make money on it!

You only grow when you test the boundaries. If you stay in your comfort zone, you will not be able to break out of it.

I am no expert at this – I am also dealing with a ton of limiting beliefs – maybe not enough people will come to the Cross Border Summit, maybe people won’t use this new marketplace, maybe I’m not good enough.

The biggest barrier to getting anything done is yourself. You are your own worst enemy. I keep trying to tell myself, that it is my own self talk that is holding me back. I need to get out of that and realize, no one is stopping me from achieving my goals. There are no limits on what is possible.

Maybe it is society that programs us to have these limits? Of course it is easier to not break outside of the limit, because then we don’t risk fear of being embarrassed, fear of failure. Heck, this is ringing so true to me with 2 kids and a wife depending on me. But then again this is positive pressure, pressure to perform and make things happen.

I hope today’s heart to heart inspires you. I am in the fire with you – I’m in this journey too. And I’m still learning, far from being an expert.

So let’s make it happen!

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