What is Mike Michelini Up To July 2-9, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – July 2- 8, 2023

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Still “home alone” in Chiang Mai, but will be re-uniting with the family this Wednesday til next Monday in Singapore. Mix of business and personal (per the usual).

What’s in store this week?
* PurseIO acquisition announced – via Loadpipe, and a new team and complex structure we will now be re-organizing everything we do around bringing commerce + blockchain together.
* Talking to Purse team, recruiting developers, team building. Now it’s official, time to talk to the teams and recruit developers.
* Streamlining GFA / ecomm community events / Cross Border Summit – the team is getting the flow and it’s great to see, and we are re-building a nice community here in Chiang Mai.
* HR / departments – still figuring out best way to lay out the departments from our ecommerce ninjas to the community and client services – the books always say “right people, right seat” and that takes time.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan July 2 – 8, 2023 Shadstone Limited

Welcome to July, and after months of negotiations and team building and more – we have made the deal to acquire PurseIO via a complex structure and move build out protocol for ecommerce using Loadpipe.

Basically, the whole structure of how we operate will change – for the better. From each bucket, from the ecommerce brands, to the GFA community and Cross Border Summit, to the web3 and Handshake – the Loadpipe protocol will be the joining force of all our departments.

The announcement was just made, and there is a closing period and transition period so things may not change on the surface level until Fall / Cross Border Summit. Yet this will give us all at Shadstone more opportunities, I am certain.

Last week we also had a lot of Global From Asia events – the weekly ecommerce meetup in Chiang Mai is picking up momentum with a full room of good quality sellers and people in the community.

The webinar with Andrew Henderson on Thursday night went better than expected with a good turnout and nice questions and answers.

Friday I’ve been attending a private mastermind / ice bath in the afternoons which has been helpful to have deeper business talks.

And all of it leading up to Cross Border Summit, which is now connected to the Loadpipe protocol.

We had a good Shadstone ninja team call on Thursday night, and also re-starting a monthly management call in the afternoon.

The big announcement for those who missed the ninja call – Anne is now our GM! LJ will still be present in the team as more a coach/consultant/advisor joining calls and assisting us – which is great – but for the day to day operations – Anne is our go to rock now.

This coming week – more on the HR / department structure -we still have to “fill seats” and review who is in which department and doing which tasks.

Also – I’ll be meeting Wendy and the kids – they drove with her Buddhist community friends from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore over the weekend – and I booked flights to join them Wednesday til next Monday.

As always – mix of business and pleasure – arranging meetings with Leslie and Daniel at ScaleInsights office, also others in Amazon and web3.

Just so much to do – but the vision is more clear – the vision is bigger – and the vision is joining ecommerce and the blockchain. The “loadpipe dream” existed before blockchain was a thing now it seems it is the right time.

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