Doug & Wit’s Wedding in Phuket, Thailand – Mikes’ Vlog 019

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Great time at Doug’s wedding. Really went above and beyond what a wedding can be an spared no expense – an amazing location on top of the mountains of Phuket overlooking the sea. I was honored to be asked to be his best man! I gave a speech and was fun to share how I met Doug from this very blog I am posting this today! He was asking about costs of living in Hong Kong and China. We met during a trip in NY I was taking, and he ended up moving to China shortly thereafter!

Amazing thins happen with this blog – but I don’t think can say a marriage has happened – I love social media,a blogging, and connecting people. This is the ultimate connection right here.

Enjoy the video blog – hope you like videos – I am going to focus more on video than podcasts and written blogs. The move to multimedia content is real!

Hope I wasn’t showing off too much in the infiniti pool at the resort! I gotta enjoy the time while I’m there. Still stressing like crazy keeping work and business moving forward.

Typing up this writeup from the airplane to Barcelona. Life on the move.

The wedding right in the middle of a week, so was a bit hard to keep up with work while in Phuket, Thailand! Did a couple morning work sessions, and writing like crazy on this very flight. Limited wifi while on the road makes me realize how hard it is to get work done!

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