US Businessman Abroad

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Us Businessman Abroad

Mike’s Blog 125

Today I’ll vent a bit. I’m an American. I was born in USA. Yup, so I’m part of an association of human beings called US Citizens and other human beings born in another piece of dirt in the world outside of that imaginary line are non-US citizens. Oh, ya, and some people not born within those imaginary lines may become US citizens (like my kids) or go through process to become a US citizens.

One of the most insane things to me is – hey – people not born in those imaginary lines are GOOD PEOPLE too. They’re not terrorists and they’re not going to crash into a skyscraper in Manhattan.

It’s not even politics – it is common sense. I believe people are people – we are human beings with skin and bone and some kind of a brain that is supposed to separate us from horses and cows. Yet sometimes I feel like we are more animals than humans, attacking other animals of our own human race because of imaginary lines. And I’m talking on all borders here.

But the crazy thing is – I gotta go back to USA to do Amazon business. Because I’m American, Amazon forces me to use either my US personal identity or a US corporate entity to do so and then the red flags seem to pop up because I’m not living there.

Yes, I’m not living in USA, but I am American. So am I a terrorist – why wouldn’t I want to live in USA?

Oh, my IP address is China – my account must be hacked and compromised – those people there they must be hacking me and doing evil things.

To me – it all seems so silly. US vs them. You vs me.

I can’t wait until the world looks at all humans as just that – humans. Not yellow people vs white people vs black people. Or people who came out of a vagina inside an imaginary border. But looking at people for their skills and their abilities.

Stop being entitled because of the passport you hold – and BUILD SKILLS to compete in the global market.

I work with amazing people around the world who go above and beyond their “work expectations”. Hustle, do it. I don’t care what border you are in or what border lines you were born in. Do it.

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