Speaking to People You Don’t Know

Speaking to People You Don’t Know – Mike’s Blog 038

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So this is the second day of the Wechat conference (CHat Shanghai) and it was the day I hosted my workshop. Morning session from 10am to noon, I shared about the advantages of using free trade zones (FTZ) for your Wechat shop. Why adding the Wechat – well because this is a CHat – Wechat conference, of course!

Rather than boring you on this video blog about my speech, I took a short clip – but later went around asking people how they deal with speaking to people they don’t know. Do they have some kind of system for starting a conversation. Are they nervous? Not just for speaking in front of a crowd, but also on the one on one. So we have some fun today and hope it can help you learn more about yourself and some ideas on how to “not care as much” about how you speak to new people.

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