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another interesting fact when moving abroad, especially China…is not only the time difference but dealing with finances from back home in USA.

US credit collapse

US credit collapse

So, lets go through this saga step by step –

1)’s credit card program was bought by American express from GE corporate card – and this specific card program (productivity online) was closed and all cardholders had to pay their bills and the cards were closed.
2) the company couldn’t take this cash flow crunch at once, so we tried to roll it over to my other card.
3) the incoming card, from bank of america, CLOSED my account when they say the incoming balance transfer.

so last night (daytime in USA) I called Bank of American to investigate why my card was closed. After about 4 transfers of operators that were not experienced enough to tell me, I probably got to the “end of the line” operator, as she seemed very experienced in telling customers NO.

“Sir, 2 months ago we have noted on your account that you called saying you were in financial distress”

me: yes, I was having tough times, and trying to see if my financial institution, that was also under financial distress (little jab), could give me some breathing room”

“Yes, sir, well you are not bank of america, you are your own business. So what is your financial situation now, you say it has changed?”

Ok, yes, I am not Bank of America, but I can see that you did an open sale on the stock market to raise capital yesterday. Anyway, yes, I have now improved my financial situation and have additional funding.

“ok, sir, now how much, and what are the details of this transaction”.

Yes, well its from a European company to my company in China.

“China? in US dollar sir, so you are saying these investments and transactions are all overseas international origin. Sir, we need to know what US situation is, you are where now?”

Yes, I am in China now, calling from Skype. I have been making all my payments, my credit score is perfect, I am just asking for a debt consolidation. And I have income. Is there anything wrong with my credit score?

“No sir, it is not your credit score, it is your personal income. We need to verify your personal income, but since the account has now been closed due to financial distress notes and it seems you are not currently residing in USA, this will be close to impossible to re-open. The best I can say is work on your personal income and call Bank of America back in 6 months.”

Ok, well I guess there isn’t much else for me to say. Will this affect my personal credit score?

“no sir, this is a business account and will not affect your credit. Your score is fine. Thank you for calling Bank of American small business card services, have a wonderful day.”


China time is money, money is time

China time is money, money is time

above photo is a billboard near my apartment in china. seems the world isn’t so different after all. money, money, money!

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  1. hey man,

    good to hear from you! so i saw that you had to get your visa renewed, cause luckily wow you noticed the day before. man i can just imagine you getttin gdeported and having to run a china based business from the us. man that would be tough. but glad yo ugot that figured out. then i saw that you had to move your blog over… i actually just read about that and your boa stuff today. man that boa stuff really sucks, yeah credit card companies and banks are doing some weird things. this latest wave of defaults have made them come up with new rules about lending and giving people credit. and whats annoying is they don’t take your individual situation into consideration all they do is have a set of rules and they have to follow them. thats it. its like they answer a bunch of yes and no questions and this is what they have to tell you. do you have a new financial situation? do you have new income? do you live in the united states? oh it says we cannot help you goodbye. that is awful

    i actually had a dream about you last night man. it was crazy. you were living in new york in some high rise, maybe it was china i dunno so we were driving trying to find you and stephanie remembered exactly where you lived somehow so i just trusted her and she got us to your building. but when we got there there was nowhere to park so we figured valet was the best option. so we valet but we had 6 people and all you had was a one bedroom so the doorman would not let 6 people up to your apartment at one time. so it was a big mess. we shouldve taken 3 up at a time with you. so i remember walking around all these high skyrises cause we couldnt go into your luxury apt. wow. it was weird that you were in my dream kinda cool, this made me write you today. i remembered your email.

    the one thing that lets me know you are doing well over there is hearing stuff about your friends. it seems like you and bas suleman are good friends and its nice to see you blogging about things other than work. you and the baby with the beer is a good picture. you are gonna look back at that picture and smile a hundred times. its great. it made me smile. so cherish these little times.

    i always think i spend too much time focusing on trying to have fun that i dont cherish the having fun part when im having it. it seems im more focused on creating fun than having it.

    this wednesday is a big soccer game – be sure to take 2 hours and check it out. its the UEFA champions league final – Manchester united vs FC barcelona. its at 11:45 AM pacific, 2:45 eastern, probably 9PM in europe. so check it out its a big game im sure it will be on all over china. its cool to think that you are watching the same thing i am halfway across the world.

    alright dude

  2. Author

    wow dude, awesome reply – thanks!

    how about you? hows SD? there right? wedding in CT? life is moving so fast, try to keep up.

    yea, i’m still hustling here, trying more PR – I’m speaking at a China internet event tomorrow, gotta wear a suit! but its good to use my “white guy expert” approach here to make waves.

    that dream is AWESOME! you have to psot that on my blog. made me think back to you crazy Fkers coming to NYC to visit me…..good times..

    yea, i’m going 100% twitter and internet marketing now…..if you check out my twitter you’ll see what i’m talking about…. really pushing it to see who i can meet a nd what can happen.

    just sticking my neck out there and see.

  3. it seems the credit score is so important in USA. I notice that.
    thank you

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